Un ejército de privilegiadas

Un ejército de privilegiadas


Dominican Writer Specialist in Women’s Studies, Gender and Sexuality. Burning the dismantling of patriarchy as a whole, but especially, burning with eagerness to see the end of violence against girls and women. All the violence

Some years ago I read an article whose headline captured my attention: ” An army of marginalized people “ . The firm is the gynecologist and theoretical Dominican Lilliam Fondeur Quiñones regarding teen pregnancy and its intersection with poverty, in a country absolutely prohibits abortion in all circumstances:

  • “Poverty is a common denominator in minors who carry a pregnancy to term. The chances of a teenager becoming a mother are three times greater if she lives below the poverty line. As to anchor them in poverty, adolescents who live in rural areas are more likely to get pregnant at an early age than those who live in the urban area.
  • Adolescents who arrive at hospitals with incomplete abortions are around twenty percent of them. Because of the legal condition of abortion in our country, pregnancies are interrupted in secrecy and insecurity, many arrive at hospitals that are infected, complicated and even go to the morgue. “

It would be indescribable for me to express how much that article impacted me. Her title is a metaphor that I frequently remember … but now it happens that, according to the resounding distortion that the feminist movement is suffering, the compañera (and my compatriot) was flatly mistaken. Now we are being taught that women and girls, as a social class, are not marginalized. On the contrary, if the article was written today (it was published in 2015), the author would probably receive pressure to modify the title. “An army of cisprivilegiadas” is the expression dictated by Newspeak.

The trans author Julia Serrano , writing in her book Whipping Girl , describes “the cisprivilegios” in the following way: “I would suppose that it is when a person feels comfortable with the sex in which they were born, they never had to question their subconscious sex , and differentiate it from your physical sex. That is, his subconscious sex exists, but it is hidden. ” Ok, honest question: what is “subconscious sex”? Is this a euphemism for saying that the sex of the person lies in the brain? Because if so, we have an immediate problem: this article will be, in itself, quite long, and I do not have enough space to explain the caterva of problems implied by the sexist idea (a classic of patriarchy), that there are “brains” female “versus” male brains “.

Also, one thing is that a person does not want to use the pronouns that correspond to his biological sex and that transforms his own life to adapt it to what he considers correct for himself, as an adult and independent person. That seems sensible to me and a matter of respect. But something different is to infringe on the rights of other people and above demanding that you feel comfortable as a trans person, I have to “identify” myself as “cisprivileged.” Maybe I have not understood well … Let’s look for another source to explain the question.

My favorite feminist portal, Everyday Feminism, provides us with a list of “130+ cisprivileges” that, supposedly, women have … sorry, “cis women”. Before entering the analysis, remember that according to the reasoning of Everyday Feminism, there are no differences between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’, since these are considered archaic concepts that are irrelevant. Nobody has sex or gender because, according to them, everyone has personal and malleable “identities”: that is why they encourage people to apply the term “cis” to people who, often, do not even mention themselves. this matter. Ironically, many feminists have argued that to demand that women call themselves ‘cis’ would represent an imposed identification and, therefore, reject this term … but these comrades have told them that protesting the issue represents, in itself, a cisprivilege . What curious!

But well, among the privileges we women have “we identify” as women are the following:

  • “You do not have to worry when you go to the doctor that they will not provide you with competent care based on your gender identity or expression” … they forget that women are almost never included in clinical studies and that there is a underrepresentation of women in medicine. The consequences of this (and many other forms of) discrimination against women and girls in science are neither semantic nor philosophical: they are a matter of life or death for them.
  • “Your academic performance will not be impacted by the anguish of gender dysphoria, bullying or inadequate social support.” They have every reason that gender dysphoria only affects a very small group of people, but they are bluntly mistaken in assuming that women do not suffer bullying or lack of support in their educational training. In fact, one of the main reasons for girls and adolescents dropping out of school is sexual harassment suffered by their teachers at school. And in the universities, when they enter the academy, this harassment persists and intensifies … but those are the ones that get to receive a formal education. It is important that we not forget that, for millions of girls around the world, they are prohibited from attending a school, simply because they are girls. And that many girls who start school, they have to leave it to take care of their siblings, for lack of menstrual products every month, or for lack of segregated baths, since men sexually harass them in mixed baths. ButEveryday Feminism says that, in this issue, the privileged are those girls.
  • “You are less likely to receive intrusive questions about your body or gender in your workplace.” Counter-argument: the #MeToo movement
  • “You are less likely to be turned into a fetish because of your gender identity.” I’m not going to put links, but in pornography there are niche groups about submissive Asians, hot latinas, savage Indians, insatiable blacks, puritanical whites, horny old women, sinful nuns, and so on. We could easily argue that porn exists, by definition, to make woman herself a mere fetish.

Despite the differences of opinion and the many confusions regarding the logistics of this issue, I deeply appreciate that our superiors have deigned to clarify this issue, because I (from stupid) have spent my whole life thinking that, in a patriarchal system, the oppressed are women and girls. I beg you not to crucify me, I did not know I was wrong … probably my female brain comes with that deficiency included, so it’s not my fault. Remember that patriarchy has been convincing us for thousands of years that “women’s pink brains are emotional and irrational and, therefore, do not know how to process complex ideas”.


Several feminists who have spent decades (some over 40 years) fighting for my rights as well as for theirs, have explained to me that they had never seen a more toxic issue than this one. Sadly, they are right.


All this has to do with the debate of the moment. You yourself, companion that reads to me, sure has moved sea and land so as not to have to get involved in this issue, knowing that it is an extremely difficult debate, but here it is: reading this article. Several feminists who have spent decades (some over 40 years) fighting for my rights as well as for theirs, have explained to me that they had never seen a more toxic issue than this one. Sadly, they are right.

At the heart of the matter is a strip and hala unbearable about “what is a woman,” what does it mean to be a woman and what implications does all this have. Who has the privileges in patriarchy? The idea that we want to impose is that privilege is not something systemic and structural, but something that people identify with or decide to assign themselves. But, if this is so, does not this logic imply that oppression is also something that people identify with and that people decide to assign themselves? This idea would easily clash with any comparative analysis of the race (ethnicity) and class axis.Own The Look received strong criticism for selling a T-shirt that read ‘WORKING CLASS’ for £ 30 sterling, in a country where austerity policies are driving more and more people into poverty.)

What has this special theme? Why is logical reasoning being thrown out the window to be replaced by mantras? Contrary to all other issues in feminism, in which women argue and fight to get rid of (which I support 100% and I consider politically healthy), in this issue we are imposing an Absolute Truth and who objected, who prepare …

“Woman” is not a human being, they tell us now: woman is a simple word without context or history, or sociopolitical, far from it, biological material reality. And companion, our superiors inform us, that if you do not agree, then you are an oppressive intolerant whose ovaries must be violently pulled out of the abdomen until it bleeds. You also have to split your skull with a baseball bat so that you learn that you can not be so prejudiced. Comrade, do not take it personally, but you have to kill her for her intransigence and all the hatred you have inside. It’s for the sake of social justice and this is a human rights issue:


“That TERF has to be beaten in the same ovaries” “I would pay to see someone violently pull the ovaries out of the abdomen”

“Friendly reminder: today assassinate your local radical SRF / abolitionist / feminist 🙂”

“I want to hit with a bat all the damn TERF”



If these images cause you the same repulsion that they caused to me, feel free to go vomit. My article will be waiting for you when you return.

That word that stands out in all these images, was conceived (in theory and supposedly) to make a political analysis, but it has become a convenient hate speech that serves to encourage violence against women. But it is not any violence against women: it is violence against women, incited in the name of liberalism. Totally different! At least this is what our friends say the feminists and, so far, this is the hegemonic position on the left that, conveniently, is that nothing happens and ignores this avalanche of misogyny that has been fomenting against women during years.

You see, our fight partners love to pretend that on the left there has never been misogyny and that it is happening right now, that many compañeras have been warning for years, they are just isolated cases in which Las Malas Are Women who deserve threats for refusing to abide by the guidelines of their superiors. Let’s see what the British researcher Jeni Harvey writes, in an article entitled A Crisis of Misogyny: A Call to the Labor Party:

“For centuries, men have tried to control women by dividing us among those that they consider worthy of respect, according to their adherence to the dictamen of patriarchy, and those that they consider are beyond tolerable. We can be good girls or scum; beautiful or despicable without any value; virtuous mothers or selfish monsters; now they tell us that we can be acceptable feminists or TERFS. ”

The level of misogyny in this debate has been exacerbated, precisely, by the complicit silence of the left.

In this subject one can not blame “the conservatives” or “the ultra-religious”, the favorite opponents of anyone who considers himself a progre. The level of misogyny in this debate has been exacerbated, precisely, by the complicit silence of the left. How long will our, supposedly, comrades fight with their heads buried in the sand like ostriches, pretending that nothing happens here? Could it be that the cowardly left is hoping that some of these people, who have fostered psychopathic fantasies of murdering women, execute them against some companion, and then leave with some weak and circumspect message (“the truth is that both sides are equally responsible and the situation is a little worrying “)? By simply questioning this issue, they have already assaulted a woman. To others, They have been harassed in lynch attempts. Many of us are receiving violent threats.

But who is this woman so repudiate? Simple, the “TERF” is any woman who has the audacity to have an opinion about her experience as a woman:

  • Does menstruation really hurt because maybe you have dysmenorrhea? “Blessed are you who can menstruate, insensitive cisprivileged TERF! Think of others before complaining! “
  • Are you interested in investigating how the prevention campaigns on breast cancer affect indigenous women in your country for your project at the university? “How disgusting you are, associating breast cancer to women, disgusting TERF!”
  • Are you worried about the underrepresentation of women in clinical studies? “I should be ashamed of how armored you are before your own privileges, TERF biologist!”
  • Did you almost die giving birth when your pelvic bone broke? “You are degenerate, you are the TERF. Only live to invisibilizar violently to all people both infertile and without vagina. WITH YOU EVERYTHING IS UTERO, UTERO, UTERO! “


I bet you, dear reader, that your grandmothers are a “TERF”. Not one, both. And its neighbors and the florist. All the scientists and the lady who sells fruit in the corner of the work also. Every man with common sense is also, in theory, a “TERF”, but this is a misogynistic term that only seeks to demonize women … so what they do or think does not matter. Every woman runs the risk of this hate speech being imposed on her, irrespective of her political opinions (or lack of opinions).

The “TERF” is the “whore” and the “witch” of always. That word represents the trunk where all the misogyny that for decades the left was accumulating, full of resentments, while we took ant steps in pursuit of our liberation. Now, “TERF” is the green light for machiprogresismo to free itself from the chains of so much feminism that the poor people have had to endure silently. No more. Now the liberal left joins the conservative right under the umbrella of the one thing they have always had in common: their hatred of women.

It is dangerous to encourage this pernicious idea that the privileged are us. Because in a patriarchal system, men are socialized so that they never analyze their privileges or the responsibility they have to perpetuate or dismantle the system that benefits them as a social class. In the same way, we are socialized from small to internalize that the fault of everything always we have, that we are the caretakers of the whole world, and therefore, responsible for the welfare of others. And on top of that we are taught that to rebel against any imposition (for example, that now we have to call ourselves “cisprivileged”), represents a flagrant selfishness on our part. This idea that “happy we” for being born women in a patriarchy, introduces you to the misogynists, sexist and sexist the perfect excuse to wipe the hands of their responsibilities and privileges … and in an important and worrying way, of their aggressions and violence. Is that why these ideas have become so popular?

Individually, women may have some privileges, but as a social class, this concept is illogical and is contested in two seconds. It can be justified as an ideological belief (and perhaps fits in the category of religious dogmas that we all must respect), but not as a fact based on verifiable evidence. There is no macroeconomy in the world in which women earn more money than men. There is no society where women decide that male fetuses must be aborted because they “are worth less”. There is no country in which women harass and rape, almost always with absolute immunity, men and children systemically. There does not exist, nor has it ever existed, a structure that functions as a supranational government in which women, as a social class,

There is no society where women decide that male fetuses must be aborted because they “are worth less”. There is no country in which women harass and rape, almost always with absolute immunity, men and children systemically.

Anyone who argues that women are “privileged” is showing that they have never read a single book on history, medicine, geopolitics, cultural diversity, economics, sociology, politics, law, biology … So we have to seriously question: how it is possible that people with so little level of knowledge about their surrounding world (and empathy with women and girls), have been placed in positions of authority to write and press congresses to approve, with surprising and suspicious speed, laws that will affect the life of all and all?

Remember that there are compañeras (like the Chileans and Maltese women) who have been involved in congresses for several decades, fighting for the most fundamental human right: the right to save their lives if a pregnancy puts them in danger. While this abrupt distortion of feminist theory is becoming national laws in a matter of a few years. It is time to ask, if these ideas are so revolutionary, why are they being welcomed with open arms by both the ruling class and the business class, especially in countries with a conservative political elite? Any idea that has the potential to transform the status quo will be vilified, ridiculed or ignored by the status quo. What challenges and perpetuates the popular postmodernist theory?

Every minute that passes, in many countries and cultural contexts, there are women apologizing to their husbands and relatives for having given birth to a girl, but “happy that baby who was just born and has already imposed all the oppressive and violent weight of his gender “, seems to be the logic of Newspeak.

I have a close friend who told me how when she gave birth to a girl, she had to apologize to her family, who in turn sent her condolence cards, because in her “this” culture (a baby), it represented a loss for her. the family. My friend’s crime got worse when she got pregnant a second time and, by determining the genes of her husband (the man is the one who determines the sex of all pregnancy), she gave birth to another baby. Their girls do not reach the age of twelve; They are extremely intelligent, awake and both are true love. It broke my soul to see them playing in front of the television while my friend told me everything she suffered with each birth due to family pressure, one afternoon when she and I were in the kitchen preparing a dinner. My friend has always worshiped her daughters. But, clearly, your society does not.

In the book Inferior: How science has been wrong with women and new research that seeks to redress history , writer Angela Saini accurately examines the way in which babies are disparaged systemically. His analysis is neither ideology nor academic theory; As a scientific researcher, her approaches are based on cold … and chilling data. Write Saini:

“It is a story that is repeated in millions of homes in India, China and other parts of South Asia, where many cultures value men more than females, without the slightest embarrassment. There are cultures that reach terrible extremes to prevent a baby from being born. Some women still have baby after baby, until they get a male. Others are pressured to abort female fetuses, some under torture. When they get to the day of their birth, babies and girls are routinely treated worse. In the most frightening cases, they are murdered. In 2007, police in Odisha, east India, found skulls and bones of what they believe were three dozen female fetuses and infants, at the bottom of an abandoned well. A news report in 2013 described the finding of a baby buried alive in a forest in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. Another report in 2014, reported that in the province of Bhompal had found another baby in a zafacon “.

Saini also tells us the story of Mitu Khurana and the true calvary, dangerous and dehumanizing, that he had to go through to save his daughters from patriarchal oppression against their biological sex. Here we have to do another tedious clarification, because some people have been given to argue that feminists can not talk about biology, because it is an oppressive “cisprivilege” … or something like that. To what I argue: go and accuse of “biologists” men who force women to undergo sonography and then press them to have an abortion if their fetus comes out female. To say to feminism that we can not talk about women’s bodies, when it is the bodies of women that patriarchy instrumentalizes to exploit and exterminate us, is a rather shameless elitist daring.

Well yes, the scientific researcher tells us that Mitu (who today is a doctor and works as an administrator in a hospital in New Delhi), always refused to get a sonography because she knew that if she revealed that her baby was a girl, to her they were going to force her to have an abortion. But in the end, Mitu had no choice or power of decision on such an extremely intimate subject (the content of her uterus):

“During her pregnancy, she alleges that she was tricked into eating a sponge cake that contained an egg, an ingredient to which she is allergic. Her husband, who is a doctor, took her to the hospital, where a gynecologist recommended that a sonogram be done in the kidney under the effects of a sedative. It was at that time, she argues, that her husband found out about the sex of their babies without their consent or knowledge.

“I knew from his behavior that he would have females. I felt a lot of pressure, “she explains. Immediately, her husband and family began to coerce her into having an abortion. She explains that they denied her water and food, and that on one occasion they pushed her down a staircase. Desperate and terrified, Mitu went to take refuge with her mother and father, and eventually gave birth to her daughters there. He managed to save them. But things did not improve. “They did not treat me with affection,” she says of her husband’s and his family’s attitude to babies.

Years later, he found an old hospital receipt that revealed the sex of his babies. She interpreted it as proof that she had undergone an ultrasound without her consent while she was pregnant. As a result of her discovery, she filed a lawsuit against both her husband and the hospital.

Now that she has separated from her husband, Mitu has become famous in India as one of the first women to initiate a legal challenge of this kind. He has taken his campaign throughout the country, and has noticed the extent of the problem; a problem that does not recognize social class or religion. “I’m fighting because I do not want my daughters to go through this. Women want us as wives and as brides, not as daughters, “she says. “It’s the society that has to change.”

Bottom is not a book from a thousand years ago. Mitu’s girls do not even reach 15 years old. In my research to write this article, I inquired that Mitu lost the legal trial in 2015. He appealed and the Supreme Court of India dismissed his case. But the battle of Mitu, and that of all women, continues.

There is an immense ocean that separates the ideas that are originating in the academies of the Global North (and that the imperialist left propagates without contextualizing or deeply analyzing its implications), of the material realities that we are going through, not only in the Global South, but also within their own countries and communities. Anyone who argues that women and girls are “privileged” has to review their own privileges.

In a system of patriarchal oppression, women and girls have never had structural power with respect to anyone else. If we do not even have equality, how are we going to have privileges?

2 thoughts on “Un ejército de privilegiadas

  1. Perdona, pero la auténtica misoginia es el ideario TERF, el cual dice que ser mujer es una enfermedad crónica y discapacitante cuyo origen es nacer con vagina, útero y ovarios funcionales (vamos, lo mismo que hace el machismo y el patriarcado). Dicho ideario antifeminista, más propio de la untraderecha, está irrigándose en la izquierda, la cual tendría que defender a las minorías, y está consiguiendo que la transfobia sea cada vez mejor vista hasta celebrada, incluso festejan los asesinatos a transexuales. Con este panorama, de violentas “feministas” extremistas que excluyen a mujeres porque no conciben que ser mujer no es sólamente nacer con unos genitales en concreto, lo único que queda es la autodefensa y hacer campaña para expulsar a la ultraderecha tránsfoba de los espacios izquierdistas.

    Espero que me contestes de forma razonada.


  2. ¿Cómo se puede ser feminista usando el discurso patriarcal de la ultraderecha nazi de “Mujer=Vagina y Hombre=Pene”? Porque eso destilo de tu artículo, que no eres feminista.


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