D-1 case Papers case papers

D-2 Complaint Dated 6th July 2005 POLICE 1

D-3 Complaint Dated 12th Mar 2006

12.3.6 A

12.3.6 B

D-4 Complaint Dated 9th June 2006



d.c.p 9.6.6B

D-5 Agreement dated 16th June 2006



Annexure D-6 Complaint Dated 02 Jan 08

Picture 008.jpg

Picture 009.jpg


Picture 010.jpg

Annexure D-7 USG Report from Mahajan Imaging center, Jaipur Golden Hospital


Annexure D-8 Complaint Dated 10th April 08

10.4.8 a.jpg

10.4.8 b.jpg

10.4.8 c.jpg

10.4.8 d.jpg

Annexure D-9 Complaint Dated 19 April 08.

Picture 011.jpg


Picture 012.jpg

Picture 013.jpg

Picture 014.jpg

Picture 015.jpg

Annexure D-10 Report of raid dated 03 June 08

raid report

Annexure D-11 Reply to RTI dated 16 July 08


Annexure D-12 15 days notice to the Appropriate Authority


Annexure D-13 Reply to RTI from central PNDT department dated 14 th Nov 2008.

a (2).jpg

a (1).jpg

Annexure D-14 Template for reporting ultrasound whole abdomen
Annexure D-15 Copy of statements of the father in law, mother in law of the Respondent no 2 and the Radiologist working in center of Petitioner

Picture 095.jpg

Picture 097.jpg

Picture 096.jpg

Picture 098.jpg

Picture 099.jpg

Annexure D-16 103 form F`s submitted for month of April 2005, in May 2005.

Picture 039.jpg

hpqscan0023 (2)

hpqscan0024 (2)

hpqscan0025 (2)

Annexure D-17 Reply Dated 26/05/09 To RTI


Annexure D-18 File noting of the Appropriate Authority regarding receiving the notice of 15 days

Picture 013.jpg

Annexure D-19 Show Cause Notice Dated 11th July 2008 To The Radiologist


Annexure D-20 Affidavit of the Appropriate Authority

government affidavit


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