Sex Determination and violation of P.N.D.T Act

The Test Gyneacologist ordered
Picture 065

The Test Which was Done

The Law says:

Provided that the person conducting ultrasonography on a pregnant woman shall keep complete record thereof in the clinic in such manner, as may be prescribed, and any deficiency or inaccuracy found therein shall amount to contravention of provisions of section 5 or section 6 unless contrary is proved by the person conducting such ultrasonography;

where sec 5 states : 5. Written consent of pregnant woman and prohibition of communicating the sex of foetus.
1. No person referred to in clause (2) of section 3 shall conduct the pre-natal diagnostic procedures unless—
(a) he has explained all known side and after effects of such procedures to the pregnant woman concerned;
(b) he has obtained in the prescribed form her written consent to undergo such procedures in the language which she understands; and
(c) a copy of her written consent obtained under clause (b) is given to the pregnant woman.
2. No person including the person conducting pre-natal diagnostic procedures shall communicate to the pregnant woman concerned or her relatives or any other person the sex of the foetus by words, signs or in any other manner.
6. Determination of sex prohibited.-


Rule 9 States : The record to be maintained by every Genetic Clinic, in respect of each man or woman subjected to any pre-natal diagnostic procedure/technique/test, shall be as specified in Form F.


Every Genetic Counselling Centre, Genetic Laboratory, Genetic Clinic, Ultrasound Clinic and Imaging Centre shall send a complete report in respect of all pre-conception or pregnancy related procedures/techniques/tests conducted by them in respect of each month by 5th day of the following month to the concerned Appropriate Authority.

Now the list of records sent to Appropriate Authority is as follows-

hpqscan0023 (2)hpqscan0024 (2)hpqscan0025 (2)

And Government Affidavit in High Court

Picture 070Picture 071

There are convictions Happening throughout the country for doing USG without mantaining the records and without the consent of woman concerned.


In Addition there are witnesses in front of whom it was accepted that sex determination was done.
The complaint to police started in pregnancy of being forced for sex determination followed.

Still there is no evidence.



  1. Commendable stand against a societal mindset of evil for so long a time shows trust in your conviction.Evidences have no space for not believing your fight.Many would have gone through this trauma but could gather little courage of even speaking of it.Please do not back out….Keep standing for it.Let us see what the judiciary has kept in store for the women fraternity in this country.



  2. Evidences leave no space for not believing in the genuineness of your fight against female feticide.I am sure many more must have gone through this trauma but little could they raise their voice.Please Dr.Khurana…do not even think of backing out.Let us see what the Indian judiciary has in store for the women fraternity.



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