Mitu Khurana talks to Shruti Ulfat about her struggle to fight for protection of girl child in her own way @ 9 on 2nd Aug


Dr Mitu Khurana is an Epitome of Social Justice when it comes to Killing Daughters
Why I was being harassed ? This statement completely takes away the heart throbs of all the mothers who were being forced to kill their child in the foetal stage on the basis of sex determination test that states that they carrying daughters in their womb.
It was always believed that education makes a human being more civilized than those who are uneducated but is it a civilized behavior by a doctor who not only threatened his wife for dowry after marriage but also was ready to try every means and efforts to kill his twin daughters in womb.
Is it education where a retired woman vice principal wanted all from her daughter in law to kill her granddaughters and tortured her to the limit that the poor daughter in -law wanted to commit suicide.

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