Dr Mitu Khurana is an Epitome of Social Justice when it comes to Killing Daughters

Dr Mitu Khurana is an Epitome of Social Justice when it comes to Killing Daughters


Why I was being harassed ? This statement completely takes away the heart throbs of all the mothers who were being forced to kill their child in the foetal stage  on the basis of sex determination test that states that they carrying daughters in their womb.

It was always believed that education makes a human being more civilized than those who are uneducated but is it a civilized behaviour by a doctor who not only threatened his wife for dowry after marriage but also was ready to try every means and efforts to kill his twin daughters in womb.

Is it education where a retired woman vice principal wanted all from her daughter in law to kill her granddaughters and tortured her to the limit that the poor daughter in -law wanted to commit suicide . Most surprising is the fact that it all happened in the capital city of our country Delhi where educated people live.

Dr Mitu Khurana was not only being harassed for a Honda city car as a means of dowry but  was also asked to terminate her pregnancy when  her in laws forcibly did a sex determination test on her .  Getting married to the educated family where each individual is well settled in their professions she was forced to see the face of evil creatures who were wearing the mask of civilized individuals .

She is the first Indian woman who had lodged a complained under PNDT Act. Her fight against her inlaws has inspired and motivated a lot of females of the country who speak out against this heinous crime of female foeticide.

With the constant support and help of her parents she was able to give birth to two beautiful twin girls.

What is really shocking is the fact that she was not being supported by the authorities and was asked by one of the officials to opt for a second pregnancy and satisfy her husband with a son.

Her husband left no stone unturned to destroy her character by hacking her email account and sent love letters to her sister in law’s husband. He tortured her for a mutual divorce in order to get married again.

It is her determination with which Dr Khurana fought for the case for her daughters and recently being awarded with Karamveer Puraskar.

It’s hat’s off to the courage of this mother who fought for her daughters despite all odds.

Latika Wadhwa
Founder at MaStyle Care Latika Wadhwa shares inspirational stories inorder to bring a positive change in the society . She believes that pen is mightier than the sword and penns down inspirational stories of people through MaStyleCare.
(source- http://www.mastylecare.org/mothers-day/dr-mitu-khurana-india-daughters/)

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