Female Infanticide, Gendercide, Foeticide & Genocide, it all means one thing MURDER!


It all starts with two people as we know and one small life, but for many, not hundreds, not thousands but in actual fact millions! It all ends in tragedy, for one gender.

Sometimes it ends at “it’s a female”, sometimes that female is born and we now have a baby girl and that baby girl may be suffocated, starved, drowned In milk,abandoned, thrown in a river or have her throat slit. Why? Because “it’s a girl”. As the 2012 documentary has stated, these are the three deadliest words in the world.

Countries such as India and China are the main players in this disgusting game of what’s the sex? To kill or not to kill? Boy or girl? Lets start with China and delve a little deeper.

China has a one-child policy, which is due to the vast and ever-growing population, I find this policy inhumane in itself.one child…

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