June 6, 2012 by arwasafdari

When I started sifting through female feticide cases to post on this blog, I found it really hard to pick a single one to highlight. As I read in-depth on some of these cases, I was appalled at the severity and ghastliness of our reality. Every victimized woman’s struggle was overwhelming, every victim’s bravery and courage was monumental and their fight for justice – heroic! She fights for her rights, she fights for her children, she fights for her unborn girl, she fights for survival and yet, she nurtures, cares, gives and loves. She is Mitu, she is Parveen, she is Amisha, she is Prakash.

Dr. Mitu Khurana, a pediatrician from Delhi, got married to an orthopedic surgeon. When she got pregnant with her twin girls, she was pressurized by her in-laws to get an ultrasound examination to determine the sex of her fetus. Following her refusal to do so, she was poisoned and taken to the hospital where the ultrasound was illegally performed. Henceforth she was pressurized to abort her children or to give them up for adoption once they were born. She was tortured and thrown out of her house time and again. At one instance her mother-in-law threw her four month old daughter down the staircase with the obvious intent to kill the child. Dr. Mitu eventually left the house with her daughters to return to her maternal home – where she currently resides. She went on to become the first woman to file a complaint against her husband and the hospital under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC-PNDT) Act. She is currently fighting the battle in the courts and is constantly under the threat of losing the custody of her children to her husband and in-laws. Recently her husband was granted visitation rights to the children. According to Dr. Mitu, she has faced immense hostility from the authorities. Even the High Court judge claimed that it was perfectly normal for her husband to wish for a son. She now faces the dilemma of either withdrawing her complaint against her husband or fight a retaliatory court case for the custody of her children.

Read full story here


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