You stay silent…..

You stay silent when your mother is treated like shit by your father,

You stay silent when your friend takes dowry from his wife’s family,

You stay silent when your classmates sits at a nukkad whistling ‘maal’ at passing women saying it is innocent fun×290.jpg,

You stay silent when a million women every year in this nation are murdered before birth or their breath dunked in milk after birth,

You don’t report the drunkard husband who beat up your maid servant because it is not your business,

You stayed silent when your boss hit upon a female colleague and you told her to grin and bear it because it happens everywhere,

You sing along with your favorite male stars as they call their ‘items’ chikni chameli and halkat jawani etc.,×1024/174829-katrina-still-in-agneepath-2012-chikni-chameli.htm

You stay silent when our police and paramilitary gang rape tribal and lower caste women and shove stones inside their rectum saying that that’s an aberration of the system,

You did not protest the lower pay that your female colleagues got just because of their sex,

You helped your parents arrange a marriage for your sister against her wishes saying she doesn’t know her mind,

You stayed silent when in a family discussion a woman’s voice was silenced by the cacophony of male voices,

You force a woman to wear burqa in the pretext of sharia law or justify their domesticity

You think feminism is shit and feminist loud mouthed ‘bitches’ who have not better work to do than cry victim,

You applaud as Hindu right wing men barge into a hotel and slap ‘immoral’ women with the intention of ‘reforming’ their ‘maa’ ‘behen’

You stay silent when females in a party are sent away to discuss ‘childish’ things even as you discuss ‘important’ things like politics and all in their absence,

You stayed silent when your father directly and sarcastically showed your mother that she’s lower then men in intelligence time and again,

You objected loudly when your girlfriend, wife wanted to put her life and career ahead of yours saying yours was more important,

And now suddenly you want to CELEBRATE WOMEN`S DAY- FOR WHAT I ASK ????


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