Der morderische Makel Frau

Woman The murderous stigma

Mass abortions and girls who have to die – that’s the dark side of the Asian economic boom.

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Indian schoolboy in front of a display panel in New Delhi, which promotes the birth of girl

One day you will Meetu Khurana perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize award. She is the first Indian woman who has shown her own husband to court because he wanted to kill their unborn daughters. And she wants to draw the attention of the world on a calamity in the shadow of the Asian economic boom takes its course: a mass murder of gender economic calculus.

A drama that makes millions every year end of unborn girls in the hospital waste and makes an unknown number of infants and children to murder victims of their own families.

Meetu Khurana is a doctor in a hospital in Delhi . Your twins are now six years old and in good health. Eight years ago she had married into a wealthy family Delhier. Her husband was a doctor, and for a while they got on well.Yet when announcing her pregnancy, for Khurana began a horror trip. Her husband’s family wanted a son as heir. Khurana but did not know if she had a girl or a boy in the abdomen, especially the law in India prohibits determine the sex during pregnancy. As a modern, professional woman she just wanted a baby.

Her husband and her mother during her pregnancy egg mixed into the food.They knew that they allergic to respond. That they had created a reason to drag the prospective mother to the gynecologist. The doctor on this occasion then found contrary to the wishes of the mother, that she was in the belly of his twin daughters. Presumably he cashed for this breach of the law – as thousands of doctors in India and China who commit the same crime today a day – a decent bribe.

Khurana for then began the time of their “torture weeks.” She was locked in her room. She got in the house is no longer enough to eat. Daily and talked her mother, a former school principal, to her. “You have to kill them both, or at least,” she demanded. “Will you let me now get out of one hand or both?” Said Khurana. Several times, the husband threw her down the stairs to induce a miscarriage. The family threatened to drown the twins after the birth. So it’s sister-in-law had done earlier with an unwanted daughter.Khurana was weak, malnourished, and the pregnancy she toiled. But she realized in time that they lived in a family of criminals – and saved himself.

Only very few women in a similar situation succeed das. Typically they feel the new family of the husband comes and obey.

Khurana fled back to her parents and gave birth to two daughters. Two years later she filed a complaint – not without opposition from the authorities. “Where’s your problem? Take your son to be a simple man, “said the police commissioner, who took up its display. Shortly thereafter, the Commissioner called on by her mother: women like Khurana, of which the police know that they have problems with the husband would often raped, he warned. A judge suggested a comparison should get the equivalent of 150,000 euros, if they were to withdraw the ad. Another judge granted her husband the right to visit the children. “They look at me, not the criminals in it,” said Khurana himself. But she persevered. She thought: “If an educated woman like me, nor to a doctor, the pressure does not hold up, then who?”

Khurana got support after the birth of her parents and a non-governmental organization. But many relatives, colleagues and friends turned away. For four years, she’s waiting for the opening of their trial. It has all the documents to their case in their public blog on the asked. “For someone to go if I get murdered,” says Khurana today.


Gradually discover media the issue – but less in India than abroad. Even the American talk show queen Oprah Winfrey was in January. with a ten-person television crew until after midnight in Khurana apartment in Delhi Thus, their action in the world now allows insight into a world of horror sex murder that does not arise from want and poverty – but in the middle of the growth centers of the world economy, in major cities of China and India. The leaders come from a rule the new middle class, who enrich themselves in globalization. The motives are materialistic. They want a modern, three-member nuclear family. With son, because that pays better.

“The motive for the murder of the unborn daughter come from a very contemporary setting – you want big weddings, great gifts and a proud son, but no economically useless daughter,” says Shanta Sinha, Chairperson, National Commission for Children’s Rights in India. “It i
s a brutalization of individual attitudes to human life, as it only could produce the modernization” The girls killed -. Well as “Genderzid” or “femicide” called – was not a cruel, patriarchal heritage, but a consequence of the moral decay in a consumer society. The inhuman thinking has established itself in the parlors. For example, in the well-heeled family physician from Khurana’s husband.

Alone in India and China were not 85 million baby girl

The demographics expert Christopher Guilmoto the Paris Research Institute for Development (IRD) has calculated that selective abortions and infanticide alone in Asia would have cost 117 million women’s lives. A UN report from the year 2010 alone accounts for 85 million China and India prevented woman responsible life, in the country’s economic boom. Indian and Chinese researchers admit, after having a long silence, this trend has become a self.The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was calculated that in 2020, missing in China 30 to 40 million women aged 10 to 29 years would. Indian researchers took the census of the last 20 years that have been killed in India up to twelve million unborn girls from 1991 to 2011 by selective abortion.

This knowledge, however, has neither resulted in China and India are in the West to an outcry. »About our girls swept a deadly tsunami, we are experiencing a moral breakdown of our society, but no one gets upset,” said the commission chairman Sinha. It is therefore demanding more criticism, and international.

As a result, according to some experts threatens this century the largest gender imbalance in human history. Demography researcher Christopher Guilmoto speaks of an alarming masculinization of the world. Because it is missing the long term to female labor force, sees the economist Jayati Ghosh of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi threatened the growth in the world’s most dynamic economies in Asia. Sociologists at the lack of women at all future cause of social violence and war – Men Plus and capital accumulation may have an increased militarization result.

Previously it was thought that economic progress and broader education would drive out to the companies the violence. It took old, patriarchal societies such as in southern China and northern India as examples of the oppression of women and daughters. Western media coverage of violence against women as exotic excesses. Violence, this impression given then, committed always the others. But this violence is taking place in the middle of the Asian society. She is progressing with modernization. In China, the proportion of women in the past 20 years has fallen dramatically nationwide, and especially in the prosperous coastal regions. One main reason is the still officially valid one-child policy . In India, the same development is delayed by ten years. Since the millennium, the woman fading spreads in rich south, from the big cities and even in liberal Kerala. For the economist Ghosh thereby strengthened the high proportion of low-paid domestic workers in India, the contempt for the female sex. You sew, pull laces in shoes or turn cigarettes, but as breadwinners are no social recognition.

Ironically, the modern, fast-growing Delhi is a stronghold of the killing of unborn girls. Here at last only 860 girls were born for every 1,000 boys.

Nobody wants to talk about it in the capital. Gynecologists, social workers, health officials and women’s groups – say from all conversations. For two weeks, Khurana and their NGO looking feverishly for interlocutors forTIME. Then found in the suburban Bhalswa Dairy Delhier the 80-year-old midwife Sumitra Arora. Her little pink brick house is situated between an eight-lane arterial road and one of the biggest piles of garbage Delhi. “This used to be a big hole in the garbage,” says Arora. She says not that ironic.For their neighbors live almost all of the waste processing, and not bad.Earlier they had mud huts, today colorful brick houses where refrigerators and televisions run. Previously they had their children with Arora’s help at home, today the women go to the hospital for the birth. “I even send them there today,” says Arora.


The old midwife knows the inner life of the pregnant women. Then as now, says Arora wants an abortion is not a pregnant woman, whether she is wearing a boy or a girl in it. But the pressure has grown. “All require a boy,” says Arora.

Earlier, Arora told that they had a hand touches the fetus, and from the third month they’ve even can certainly determine the sex. Located they’ve never wrong. And knowledge remained a secret among two women: If it was a girl, she comforted the woman, she had to give it another try later. Das. mostly worked from abortion was out of the question. But three things have changed the location of the pregnant woman: the ultrasound machine, the calculation of the nuclear family and the abortion pill.


Today there is no longer a secret to the sex of the child. The man forced the pregnant women of ultrasound examination. And if it is a girl, the mother can not say so easily: Then we try again later. After all, she wants only one, at most two children. A daughter earlier was because of the higher modulation, an additional load, and today also add to this school and education costs for her. In addition, the family wants a new car and next to children. Therefore there must be fewer children – and at least one son has her as heir.

Arora is striking that the religious belief in family decisions is no longer important. For the Muslims in their neighborhood children were once God’s gifts. Today they drive off like everyone else. For Hindus Arora pilgrimage earlier to fertility goddess Devi Vaishna to Kashmir. The Goddess is a woman and also protects the girl. But of Vaishna Devi the young women today want to hear any more. “They no longer believe in the gods,” says Arora.

Instead, they believe in the abortion pill. It costs the equivalent in Delhi between five and eight euros. “No woman has” scared of her, says Arora.You take the pill even if it is already too late for them, according to recipe.Then, if after taking the start bleeding that women go to the hospital.Curettage of the uterus, where the costs the equivalent of 40 to 60 euros.

Arora limping through the streets next to the garbage dump, leading to a family in which she brought three children into the world: only two girls, then a boy. The old midwife is a close friend of the mother. One senses that the two women share a secret. You’ve made it at home birth, give birth to all external constraints two girls, the oldest of which now sits on the bed and the mother learns diligently writing. For a moment, mother and midwife with the reporter alone in a well-furnished rooms with many electrical devices.Then the mother said quickly: “The third girl I had not made it. The pressure was just too g
reat. Thank God it was really a boy. Otherwise I would have an abortion also. “She speaks as a matter of course.

Few dare to fight the gender murder outright. No other but that has done in India as effective as Deepak Dahiya, the former health department director of the State of Haryana. Haryana is one of those particularly patriarchal states of northern India, where the proportion of women has always been low. When the Indian government in 1996 enacted a new law that will put the sex determination of fetuses at high imprisonment, Dahiya was head of the health department responsible for discovering the now illegal ultrasounds and show in court. Dahiya was doing his job. He put together a team of investigators and sent his people with hidden cameras and microphones in the practices of gynecologists. Between 2001 and 2005 he brought to Haryana 30 doctors in court. 20 of them were sentenced to several years of imprisonment.

From the first display in 2001 until the first conviction of a doctor in 2006, the national press Dahiyas campaign accompanied with numerous cover stories. His name was known throughout the country. Suddenly the girl births covered in Haryana again. But then Dahiya 2005, retired. Today he sits in the dental office of his son in Delhier noble suburb Gurgaon and notes frustrated: “I had no successor. The genocide of the girls goes on undisturbed. “Since its cases in Haryana in India is hardly a doctor convicted of sex heritage mood more to prison.


New ultrasound technology easier for doctors their deadly business

But for doctors in India and China have long been an abortion business, which flushes them every year hundreds of millions of dollars into the coffers. The technology makes them easy to store. General Electric and Siemens have made in recent years in China and India develop new ultrasound machines that cost only a fraction of the price of the equipment manufactured in the West. They sell by the thousands. New models can be used with portable solar power, ie, even in the remotest village.

The major policy omits the mass extermination of female fetuses been consistent. Fund the United Nations organized a conference on, then as recently in remote Vietnam. In Europe, a lonely Swiss Euro MPs in Europe for the cause we are strong. Her name is Doris Stump and has found that in Armenia, Albania, Azerbaijan and Georgia percentage similar to many women are missing in India and China. She warns of the consequences: women trafficking, more prostitution, more violence in the family.

But hardly anyone is listening. Western politicians constantly traveling to India or China, and speak particularly in Beijing with a wagging finger on the respect for human rights. But no one has yet dared to report the murder of millions of families in those countries.

One reason is that the leaders do in Delhi and Beijing as though they would do the right thing. Both governments have agreed in the past decade, awareness programs. They have created laws forbidding the murder gender and physician gender heritage mood threaten heavy penalties. But it all has little use. Mainly because of a lack of political will. In Beijing, the National Planning Commission for Family and Population is responsible. Its leader, Li Bin recently promised to provide in the next five-year plan for greater gender balance. This is the usual. One problem is scheduled.

But Beijing’s Politburo can be different. The AIDS education was Premier Wen Jiabao once into their own hands, visited the sick and infected. This had immediate widespread impact. Nothing like the Politburo bosses have been doing for the unborn girls in the country.

Behaves very similarly the government in Delhi. It was enough to make a speech of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2008, in which it declared that sex selection for “national disgrace.” But the speech fizzled consequences, and the theme plays at Cabinet level since then no longer matters. In reality, neither the trust nor the Democrats Communists in Beijing in Delhi zoom right to the topic. That would not be popular. You should get involved in everyone’s family planning and destroy dreams of home, auto and son.

The more difficult it is Aarti Devi, a social worker at the district Delhier Dakshippuri, Member of the Communist Party of India. She stands in front of a women’s self-help group, which is funded by an NGO assists and women in pregnancy. Each day to meet the women of the neighborhood at midday in a tiny, windowless room. Share their opinions about who was yesterday with the gynecologist and perhaps now needs help. Recently, when a woman in the neighborhood got its fifth girl, the group organized a big birthday celebration. “Even the husband came to the feast and carried his daughter in his arms. This was a huge success, “says Devi.

Thus, it describes the involuntary circumstances: A success already, if the father takes his newborn daughter in his arms.

In the online version of the article is a geographical error was corrected.(Ae)


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