RAJYA SABHA- UNSTARRED QUESTION NO-2565-ANSWERED ON-04.09.2012 on "Increasing fetal deaths in the country"

ANSWERED ON-04.09.2012
Increasing fetal deaths in the country
(a) whether it is a fact that fetal death is still increasing in the country;

(b) if so, the details thereof; and

(c) the steps being taken by Government to stop such cases?


(a): As per information received from National Crime Records Bureau a total of 123, 111 and 132 cases of foeticide were registered in the country during 2009, 2010 and 2011 respectively.

(b): State wise details of cases of female foeticide registered are Annexed.

(c): The Government has intensified the drive against female foeticide through effective implementation of the PC & PNDT Act as mentioned below:

• Central Supervisory Board has been reconstituted and regular meetings are being held. The board reviewed progress made by the States in respect of the implementation of the Act, approved amendments in the Rules and strategies to meet the challenges.
• Important amendments to the PC & PNDT Rules have been notified to regulate the misuse of portable ultrasound equipment and to provide for confiscation of unregistered machines and further punishment under the Act, enhancement in registration fees of ultrasound diagnostic facilities, restrictions on multiple registrations of doctors with clinics/facilities etc.
• A Ministerial meeting was held under the Chairpersonship of Hon. HFM with Health Ministers of States on 28th September, 2011 at New Delhi to focus sharply on those areas where child sex ratio is skewed against the girl child.
• 17 states with the most skewed child sex ratio have been identified for concerted attention. A meeting of Health Secretaries of these States was first convened on 20th April 2011, followed by several review meetings.
• Inspections by the National Inspection and Monitoring Committee have been scaled up. NIMC has been reconstituted and apart from inspections further empowered to oversee follow-up action by Appropriate Authorities against organizations found guilty of violations under the Act during inspections.
• Grant in Aid to Non-Governmental Organizations is provided for awareness generation of the declining child sex ratio and implementation of PC & PNDT Act.
• States have been asked to take advantage of funding available under NRHM for strengthening infrastructure and augmentation of human resources required for effective implementation of the PC & PNDT Act.
• States have been advised to focus on districts/blocks/villages with low Child Sex Ratio to ascertain the causes, plan appropriate BCC campaigns and effectively implement provisions of the PC & PNDT Act


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