A complete user's guide to Aamir Khan's 'Satyamev Jayate'


New Delhi: After 12 successful episodes, Aamir Khan’s TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ is coming to an end on July 29. The show featured a series of issues ranging from female foeticide to water conservation. Though some of the episodes faced opposition from doctors and khap panchayats, ‘Satyamev Jayate’ remained one of the most liked shows on TV.

‘Satyamev Jayate’ prompted MP and Rajashthan state governments to take action against the wrong-doers. Not only this, Aamir Khan was called by the parliamentarians to share his views on cheaper medicines.

Now, when the last episode is about to be telecast, IBNLive decided to bring the summery of its 3 month run on the TV.

A complete user's guide to Aamir Khan's 'Satyamev Jayate'

The research showcased on ‘Satyamev Jayate’ proved to be an eye opener for many. The traditional Indian society was not ready to discuss topics like dowry and child sexual abuse before ‘Satyamev Jayate’. The show also featured a list of NGOs which are working for the sake of public welfare in various areas.

Here is a list:

1. Snehalaya

Snehalaya (www.snehalaya.org) is based in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. It was started in 1989 by a group of young volunteers led by Dr Girish Kulkarni, who were appalled by the violence then being committed upon women and children. They wanted to do something constructive that would help the situation.

2. Unique Home for Girls

The Jalandhar-based NGO Unique Home for Girls has been doing significant work in providing shelter to abandoned girl children. Unique Home for Girls, started by the Bhai Ghanayya Ji Charitable Trust, established on May 17, 1993. The trust looks after unwanted, unclaimed or orphan female children, and aims to educate and raise these children as healthy individuals.


CHILDLINE (http://www.childlineindia.org.in), India’s first 24-hour, toll-free telephone helpline for children in distress, was launched in 1996. As of April 2011, CHILDLINE has responded to a total of 21 million calls and services nearly 3 million calls every year. CHILDLINE operates in 200 cities/districts in 30 states and union territories through its network of 415 partner organisations across India.

4. Humanity Trust

Humanity Trust started Humanity Hospital in 1996, in a small village named Hanspukur in West Bengal, with the aim of providing medical care to those with no access to it, and especially to those who could not afford it.

5. Himmat Mahila Samooh

Himmat Mahila Samooh, set up in 2007, is based in Rohtak, Haryana and works towards making women economically self-reliant and socially aware, and organises them to fight atrocities committed against them.

6. Amar Jyoti

Founded in 1981, Amar Jyoti is a voluntary organization rendering rehabilitative services to persons with disabilities through inclusive and integrated education, medical care, vocational training, child guidance and self-employment.

7. Family of Disabled

Family of Disabled (FOD) was founded in 1992 by Rajinder Johar, himself a quadriplegic who has been bedridden for the last 22 years. Based in New Delhi, FOD’s mission is to build and nurture the capacities of persons with disabilities through different sustainable interventions for improving their quality of life, making them self-reliant and facilitating their mainstreaming.

8. Azad Foundation

Azad Foundation (AF) (www.azadfoundation.com ) is a Delhi-based civil society organization that provides livelihoods with dignity for women from resource-poor communities.

9. Kheti Virasat Mission

Kheti Virasat Mission, established in 2005 in Faridkot, works with the farmers of Punjab to address the detrimental effects of chemical and hybrid agriculture, and promotes sustainable, ecological farming practices as well as the conservation and regeneration of natural water resources to re-establish traditional wisdom and practices related to water. Kheti Virasat Mission works towards awareness of environmental health issues and eco-sustainable rural development, and organises activities in this direction including awareness camps and seminars, workshops, surveys and campaigns.

10. Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), registered in Hyderabad in 2004, establishes models of sustainable agriculture, working in partnership with NGOs and community-based organisations to help farmers conserve their resources and their rights, and engaging with the establishment for policy change.

11. Muktangan Mitra

Muktangan Mitra, a non-profit public charitable trust, was founded by Dr. Anil Awachat and late Dr. Anita Awachat on August 29th, 1986. Through this trust they started the Muktangan Rehabilitation Center in Pune, Maharashtra for the treatment and rehabilitation of substance users with the initial financial help from renowned Marathi writer and philanthropist Pu La Deshpande.

12. Association for Rural and Urban Needy

Association for Rural and Urban Needy (ARUN) is a voluntary organisation based in Hyderabad that helps poor children from rural and urban backgrounds, through various programmes to improve their socio-economic conditions.

13. Maitri

Founded in 2005, Maitri India addresses public health issues, and social issues such as violence against women, health and welfare for vulnerable populations, care and support of destitute and abandoned widows, and educational opportunities for underprivileged children.

14. Sambhaav

Sambhaav is a voluntary development organization, that works towards the development of rural human resources with a long-term objective of bringing about change (physical, attitudinal and social) in its work areas in Rajasthan and five other states, by setting up models of development that are conducive and effective in a given context.

Each episode dealt with a socially relevant topic:

Episode 1: Female Foeticide.

Episode 2: Child Sexual Abuse.

Episode 3: Big Fat Indian wedding.

Episode 4: Every Life is Precious (Medicines and doctors).

Episode 5: Intolerance to Love.

Episode 6: People with Disabilities.

Episode 7: Domestic Violence.

Episode 8: Toxic Food.

Episode 9: Alcohol Abuse.

Episode 10: Untouchability.

Episode 11: Old Age.

Episode 12: Water Conservation.

Songs featured on the show:

Episode 1: O ri chiraiya.

Episode 2: Haule haule.

Episode 3: Rupaiya.

Episode 4: Naav.

Episode 5: Ghaar yaad aata hai mujhe.

Episode 6: Chanda pe dance.

Episode 7: Sakhi.

Episode 8: Maati bole.

Episode 9: Ae zindagi.

Episode 10: Kabir vaani.

Episode 11: Bahut yaad aate ho.

Episode 12: Jal na jaye jal.

Though the buzz is that Aamir Khan is planning to return with the second season of ‘Satyamev Jayate’, but nothing has been announced yet. Till it happens, we need to keep the good work going.

Helpline numbers/guidelines featured on the show:

1. Love commandoes: Phone: 09313784375 (from outside India: +91.9313784375)

Fax: 011-43007560 (from outside India: +91.11.43007560)

Email: lovecommandos@ibibo.com

2. The giving or taking of dowry is prohibited under the law: http://wcd.nic.in/dowryprohibitionact.htm

3. Child helpline number: 1098

Guests on the show:

Episode 1:

Amisha Yagnik

Parveen Khan

Mitu Khurana

Rambabu Bhatt

Dr Shailee Agarwal

Dr Puneet Bedi

Dr Rajendra Shukla

Meena Sharma

Shripal Shaktawat

Virendra Vidrohi

Karminder Kaur

Episode 2:

Cindrella Prakash

Harish Iyer

Nazneen Tonse

Ganesh Nallari

Anuja Gupta

Dr Rajat Mitra

Nishit Kumar

Episode 3:

Komal Sethi

Paramjeet Kaur

Parneet Singh

Balwant Singh Ramuwalia

Santosh Kumar

Mausim Umeedi

Rani Tripathi

Pawan Tripathi

Episode 4:

Major Pankaj Rai

Dr Anil Pichad

Dr Amol Pandit

Subhash Chandra

Dr Puneet Bedi

Som Jhingan

Dr K K Talwar

Dr C M Gulati

Dr Devi Prasad Shetty

Dr Dr Shamit Sharma

Episode 5:

Lokendra Singh

Kishwar Jahan

Seema Banwala

Jagmati Sangwan

Meham Chaubisi

Dr D R Chaudhary

Navkaran Singh

Sanjay Sachdev

Episode 6:

Sri Prasad Vishwanathan

Krishnakant Mane

Dr Uma Tuli

Nisha Lobo

Ketan Kothari

Javed Abidi

Dr Rajendra Johar

Kamaljeet Singh Brar

Joginder Saluja

Salauddin Pasha

Episode 7:

Dr Seema Malik


Rashmi Anand

Kamla Bhasin

Sateesh Balan

Shanno Begum

Meenu Vadera

Anand Pawar

Episode 8:

Dr Rashmi Sanghi

Dr Y S Mohan Kumar

Kavitha Kuruganti

Dr Shri Gopal Kabra

Dr Vandana Shiva

Raju Shroff

Dr G V Ramanjaneyulu

Pawan Chamling

Hukam Chand Patidar

Dr Vaibhav Singh

Episode 9:

Vijay Simha

Dr Ashish Deshpande


Javed Akhtar

Sumair Anand

Dr Vivek Benegal

Episode 10:

Dr Kaushal Panwar

Balwant Singh

P L Punia

Stalin K

Justice Chandrasekhar Dharmadhikari

Bezwada Wilson

Episode 11:

Winnie Singh

Mangesh Abhang

Ashok Devre Patil

Pramila Krishnan

Himanshu Rath

Dr Archana Kaushik

Sailesh Mishra

Jayant Joshi

Narayan Mahajan

Chandro Tomar

Episode 12:

Niloba Jadhav

Anupam Mishra

Manoj Misra

Ravi Agarwal

Navin Chandra

Santha Sheela Nair





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