How Cruel we can be to our daughters-SHAME ON US.


23-Jan-12 Third female fetus found in Hisar in a month
25-Jan-12 Another Incident of Female Feticide in Udaipur
26-Jan-12 Two female foetuses found in CP dustbins, probe on
01-Feb-12 Six-month-old girl abandoned in train in West Bengal
03-Feb-12 Three more abandoned baby girls found in Delhi, Jaipur
06-Feb-12 Foreigners abort female foetuses in India: British MP
16-Feb-12 HC shows no mercy to father who killed daughters
20-Feb-12 Foetus found in garbage bin
21-Feb-12 7-month-old foetus found in drain 
23-Feb-12 Murder convict rapes daughter
25-Feb-12 Man kills wife for giving birth to daughters
28-Feb-12 Quack held for aborting female foetus
29-Feb-12 Fetus found at Medical College Campus
08-Mar-12 Infant girl found dead in dustbin
14-Mar-12 Woman bites new-born daughter to death in Assam
22-Mar-12 Doctor caught taking money for sex determination of foetus
25-Mar-12 Woman burnt to death for ‘giving birth to girls’
29-Mar-12 Six-month-old foetus of girl child found in Vidhyadhar Nagar
29-Mar-12 Another newborn girl’s body found in Jaipur
31-Mar-12 Fetus found in garbage bin in Delhi
31-Mar-12 Fourth foetus found in Jaipur
01-Apr-12 Fetus found near dustbin in Jalupura
02-Apr-12 Baby girl lies abandoned as couples fight over a boy
05-Apr-12 Two baby girls found abandoned; one on roadside, another in hospital
07-Apr-12 Another baby girl found abandoned
08-Apr-12 Woman beaten for carrying female foetus
09-Apr-12 Man punches infant daughter
09-Apr-12 Andhra man beats wife with iron rod for carrying girl child
13-Apr-12 Baby girl abandoned by parents in Gurgaon
13-Apr-12 Baby killed because it was a girl: Three-month-old Afreen gives up fight for life after being ‘brutalised by her own father’ for not being born a boy
15-Apr-12 New-born girl found abandoned near sewer in Udaipur
17-Apr-12 Woman allegedly strangled to death by husband for giving birth to girl
19-Apr-12 Rajasthan: Girl’s foetus found on the edge of sewer
21-Apr-12 ‘My daughter was poisoned for giving birth to girl child’
24-Apr-12 Foetus of girl found buried in playground at Cuffe Parade
25-Apr-12 Baby girl found abandoned at Haryana bus stop
28-Apr-12 Newborn girl abandoned in Haryana
29-Apr-12 In Haryana, another baby girl left abandoned in a mosque
30-Apr-12 Goa: Father arrested for raping daughter
06-May-12 Fetus found in drain at Akota
10-May-12 Couple in UP arrested for trying to bury their 45-day-old girl child alive
14-May-12 Female foetus dumped next to drain
15-May-12 Doctor Held for Illegal Abortion of Female Foetus
15-May-12 Two girls abandoned by kin near Kalupur railway station
18-May-12 Another baby girl abandoned in Cuttack
19-May-12 Father rapes daughter in west Delhi
22-May-12 Girl Child Found Abandoned at MB Hospital
23-May-12 The Indian town where female foetuses ‘are being fed to dogs to hide rampant gender genocide
29-May-12 Nadiad man arrested for raping daughter
03-Jun-12 Two female foetuses found dumped in Beed
03-Jun-12 Upset with wife for not giving birth to a son, man kills two minor daughters
03-Jun-12 Doctor Arrested for Conducting 3 Illegal Abortions
04-Jun-12 Another Beed doc held for aborting female foetus
04-Jun-12 Two more girls killed in the womb
04-Jun-12 Man held for raping daughter
05-Jun-12 After 3 female foetuses in Beed, a male one found
05-Jun-12 Girl child found abandoned in Rajasthan
06-Jun-12 Newborn girl abandoned near sewer in Chittorgarh
06-Jun-12 Mahesh Ashram Welcomes Two Abandoned Angels
07-Jun-12 Foetus abortion case: Another doctor booked, 6 arrested
09-Jun-12 Three foetuses found dumped in Mumbai
11-Jun-12 Over 1 lakh illegal abortions in Maharasthra in 2011-12, figure triples in last three years
15-Jun-12 Father rapes daughter, burns her to death
18-Jun-12 Mother arrested for allowing paramour to rape 11-year-old daughter
19-Jun-12 Foetus found in Santa Cruz drain
19-Jun-12 French official, arrested for raping daughter, slapped in Bangalore
21-Jun-12 Five female foetuses found in Ulhasnagar in past eight months: JJ docs tell state
24-Jun-12 Now, foetus found buried in Solapur
25-Jun-12 Solapur doctors paid midwife to bury foetus: Cops
02-Jul-12 Khandala govt doctor booked for female foeticide
03-Jul-12 Rajasthan: Newborn girl abandoned in Dausa
07-Jul-12 Rajasthan: Female foetus found in garbage
09-Jul-12 Female fetus found on NH 8
10-Jul-12 Woman kills daughter who she claims was raped by husband, tries to kill self
10-Jul-12 45-year-old arrested for raping daughter: Police
11-Jul-12 Minutes after her birth, girl abandoned in Jaipur hospital
11-Jul-12 With five daughters at home, man kills his wife for not having a son
13-Jul-12 UP: Man arrested for raping daughter-in-law
14-Jul-12 Two baby girls abandoned in Rajasthan, one of them left on railway tracks dies
15-Jul-12 One-year-old girl abandoned in hospital
16-Jul-12 Children in MP play with foetus, taking it for a doll
21-Jul-12 UP cop asks wife for Rs 10 lakh to raise girl child
21-Jul-12 Baby girl drowned in Beed, father arrested
25-Jul-12 Female fetus found dumped near roadside, again
26-Jul-12 Month-old girl abandoned in Rajsamand district
27-Jul-12 Husband kills wife for giving birth to daughter
27-Jul-12 Man sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for raping daughter
29-Jul-12 Granny kills 20-day-old baby girl
31-Jul-12 Girl child abandoned at temple in Rajasthan
01-Aug-12 Abortion attempt turns fatal for woman
02-Aug-12 Baby girl found abandoned
03-Aug-12 Day-old girl found abandoned in bushes
04-Aug-12 Baby girl found abandoned in Noida fit, to be discharged, say doctors
08-Aug-12 In-laws force woman to undergo sex test, held
Woman fights for unborn baby
11-Aug-12 Two girls found abandoned in train
11-Aug-12 Newborn girl found partly buried in farm, survives
14-Aug-12 Newborn girl found abandoned near river in Pune
15-Aug-12 Taunted for giving birth to girls, woman ends life with 3 kids
15-Aug-12 Abandoned infant rescued
15-Aug-12 Third abandoned baby found in past two weeks
18-Aug-12 Baby girl found abandoned in city rly station
19-Aug-12 Another Falak in Mumbai? Two-yr-old girl dies after being abused by parents
20-Aug-12 Paramedics of EMRI 108 rescue girl child abandoned after birth
20-Aug-12 Parents, doctors leave two-day-old baby to die

Author: savedaughters19

This is a coverage of my struggles to save my daughters.I am thank full to my parents not only for Not killing me ,but also helping me save my daughters... My dream- A big shelter house for women who want to give birth to their daughters and raise them up with dignity and self respect , but have to fight their own families to do so. Will have medical facilities and facilities for legal aid. will have training centers for vocational courses so that they can stand up on their own two feet and stop the dependency on their husbands for finances, A child care center run and managed by the inmates, A kitchen and a vegetable farm run and managed by the inmates. At present only a dream.... But with grace of God will become a reality. God will show the way and means to achieve the dream.

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