How Cruel we can be to our daughters-SHAME ON US.


23-Jan-12 Third female fetus found in Hisar in a month
25-Jan-12 Another Incident of Female Feticide in Udaipur
26-Jan-12 Two female foetuses found in CP dustbins, probe on
01-Feb-12 Six-month-old girl abandoned in train in West Bengal
03-Feb-12 Three more abandoned baby girls found in Delhi, Jaipur
06-Feb-12 Foreigners abort female foetuses in India: British MP
16-Feb-12 HC shows no mercy to father who killed daughters
20-Feb-12 Foetus found in garbage bin
21-Feb-12 7-month-old foetus found in drain 
23-Feb-12 Murder convict rapes daughter
25-Feb-12 Man kills wife for giving birth to daughters
28-Feb-12 Quack held for aborting female foetus
29-Feb-12 Fetus found at Medical College Campus
08-Mar-12 Infant girl found dead in dustbin
14-Mar-12 Woman bites new-born daughter to death in Assam
22-Mar-12 Doctor caught taking money for sex determination of foetus
25-Mar-12 Woman burnt to death for ‘giving birth to girls’
29-Mar-12 Six-month-old foetus of girl child found in Vidhyadhar Nagar
29-Mar-12 Another newborn girl’s body found in Jaipur
31-Mar-12 Fetus found in garbage bin in Delhi
31-Mar-12 Fourth foetus found in Jaipur
01-Apr-12 Fetus found near dustbin in Jalupura
02-Apr-12 Baby girl lies abandoned as couples fight over a boy
05-Apr-12 Two baby girls found abandoned; one on roadside, another in hospital
07-Apr-12 Another baby girl found abandoned
08-Apr-12 Woman beaten for carrying female foetus
09-Apr-12 Man punches infant daughter
09-Apr-12 Andhra man beats wife with iron rod for carrying girl child
13-Apr-12 Baby girl abandoned by parents in Gurgaon
13-Apr-12 Baby killed because it was a girl: Three-month-old Afreen gives up fight for life after being ‘brutalised by her own father’ for not being born a boy
15-Apr-12 New-born girl found abandoned near sewer in Udaipur
17-Apr-12 Woman allegedly strangled to death by husband for giving birth to girl
19-Apr-12 Rajasthan: Girl’s foetus found on the edge of sewer
21-Apr-12 ‘My daughter was poisoned for giving birth to girl child’
24-Apr-12 Foetus of girl found buried in playground at Cuffe Parade
25-Apr-12 Baby girl found abandoned at Haryana bus stop
28-Apr-12 Newborn girl abandoned in Haryana
29-Apr-12 In Haryana, another baby girl left abandoned in a mosque
30-Apr-12 Goa: Father arrested for raping daughter
06-May-12 Fetus found in drain at Akota
10-May-12 Couple in UP arrested for trying to bury their 45-day-old girl child alive
14-May-12 Female foetus dumped next to drain
15-May-12 Doctor Held for Illegal Abortion of Female Foetus
15-May-12 Two girls abandoned by kin near Kalupur railway station
18-May-12 Another baby girl abandoned in Cuttack
19-May-12 Father rapes daughter in west Delhi
22-May-12 Girl Child Found Abandoned at MB Hospital
23-May-12 The Indian town where female foetuses ‘are being fed to dogs to hide rampant gender genocide
29-May-12 Nadiad man arrested for raping daughter
03-Jun-12 Two female foetuses found dumped in Beed
03-Jun-12 Upset with wife for not giving birth to a son, man kills two minor daughters
03-Jun-12 Doctor Arrested for Conducting 3 Illegal Abortions
04-Jun-12 Another Beed doc held for aborting female foetus
04-Jun-12 Two more girls killed in the womb
04-Jun-12 Man held for raping daughter
05-Jun-12 After 3 female foetuses in Beed, a male one found
05-Jun-12 Girl child found abandoned in Rajasthan
06-Jun-12 Newborn girl abandoned near sewer in Chittorgarh
06-Jun-12 Mahesh Ashram Welcomes Two Abandoned Angels
07-Jun-12 Foetus abortion case: Another doctor booked, 6 arrested
09-Jun-12 Three foetuses found dumped in Mumbai
11-Jun-12 Over 1 lakh illegal abortions in Maharasthra in 2011-12, figure triples in last three years
15-Jun-12 Father rapes daughter, burns her to death
18-Jun-12 Mother arrested for allowing paramour to rape 11-year-old daughter
19-Jun-12 Foetus found in Santa Cruz drain
19-Jun-12 French official, arrested for raping daughter, slapped in Bangalore
21-Jun-12 Five female foetuses found in Ulhasnagar in past eight months: JJ docs tell state
24-Jun-12 Now, foetus found buried in Solapur
25-Jun-12 Solapur doctors paid midwife to bury foetus: Cops
02-Jul-12 Khandala govt doctor booked for female foeticide
03-Jul-12 Rajasthan: Newborn girl abandoned in Dausa
07-Jul-12 Rajasthan: Female foetus found in garbage
09-Jul-12 Female fetus found on NH 8
10-Jul-12 Woman kills daughter who she claims was raped by husband, tries to kill self
10-Jul-12 45-year-old arrested for raping daughter: Police
11-Jul-12 Minutes after her birth, girl abandoned in Jaipur hospital
11-Jul-12 With five daughters at home, man kills his wife for not having a son
13-Jul-12 UP: Man arrested for raping daughter-in-law
14-Jul-12 Two baby girls abandoned in Rajasthan, one of them left on railway tracks dies
15-Jul-12 One-year-old girl abandoned in hospital
16-Jul-12 Children in MP play with foetus, taking it for a doll
21-Jul-12 UP cop asks wife for Rs 10 lakh to raise girl child
21-Jul-12 Baby girl drowned in Beed, father arrested
25-Jul-12 Female fetus found dumped near roadside, again
26-Jul-12 Month-old girl abandoned in Rajsamand district
27-Jul-12 Husband kills wife for giving birth to daughter
27-Jul-12 Man sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for raping daughter
29-Jul-12 Granny kills 20-day-old baby girl
31-Jul-12 Girl child abandoned at temple in Rajasthan
01-Aug-12 Abortion attempt turns fatal for woman
02-Aug-12 Baby girl found abandoned
03-Aug-12 Day-old girl found abandoned in bushes
04-Aug-12 Baby girl found abandoned in Noida fit, to be discharged, say doctors
08-Aug-12 In-laws force woman to undergo sex test, held
Woman fights for unborn baby
11-Aug-12 Two girls found abandoned in train
11-Aug-12 Newborn girl found partly buried in farm, survives
14-Aug-12 Newborn girl found abandoned near river in Pune
15-Aug-12 Taunted for giving birth to girls, woman ends life with 3 kids
15-Aug-12 Abandoned infant rescued
15-Aug-12 Third abandoned baby found in past two weeks
18-Aug-12 Baby girl found abandoned in city rly station
19-Aug-12 Another Falak in Mumbai? Two-yr-old girl dies after being abused by parents
20-Aug-12 Paramedics of EMRI 108 rescue girl child abandoned after birth
20-Aug-12 Parents, doctors leave two-day-old baby to die

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