Day to day happening in the private case under the P.C-P.N.D.T act

Day to day happening in the private case under the P.C-P.N.D.T act

1. 22 Nov 08à Case Filed

2. 2 Dec 08 à Notice issued to Appropriate Authorities.

3. 7 Jan 0à Appropriate Authorities Submitted verbally that in the process of filling case. Ordered to be done before next date of hearing. Report to be submitted in court.

4. 24 Feb 09à No report by A.A. Issued fresh Notice

5. 6 Apr 09 àReport Submitted that case filed in Rohini Court. Sent to court of CMM for clubbing of cases.

6. 8 April 09 à Report called from Rohini Court.

7. 20 May 09 à Report received that no such case pending in Rohini Court.

8. 29 May 09à Case referred to Rohini Court to be clubbed with complaint filed by authorities.

9. 08 June09 à Case put up for trial on 09.07.09 with the concerned matter

10. 09 July 09 à Ld P.O. gone to Tihar Jail to conduct TIP.

11. 19 Aug 09 à No proceedings. Put up for 4.9.09

12. 04 Sept 09 à Ld P.O. on leave. Put up for 23.09.09

13. 23 Sept 09 à Ld P.O. on leave. Put up for 21.10.09

14. 21 Oct 09 à Put up for pre summoning CE on 18.02.10

15. 18 Feb 10 à Put up for pre summoning CE on 19/5/10

16. 19 May 10 àCase transferred to court of Another Judge in Rohini court. Put up for 09.06.10

17. 11 June10 à Ld P.O. as duty Metropolitan Magistrate. No time for recording complainant evidence

18. 26 June10 àComplaint examined and discharged. Put up for RCE on 28.06.10.

19. 28 June10 à Pre summoning evidence continued.

20. 01 Jul 10 à Remaining CE.

21. 20 Jul 10 à Confusion regarding date. Complainant turned up on 24.07.10. Put up for remaining CE on 06.08.2010

22. 06 Aug 10 à Ld. P.O. gone to National Judicial Academy for training program.

23. 18 Sept 10 à Ld. P.O. gone to National Judicial Academy for training program.

24. 16 Oct 10 à Being duty MM and pre sitting Lok Adalat- No time to hear arguments.

25. 20 Nov 10 àLd. P.O. gone to conduct inquest Proceedings.

26. 18 Dec 10 à Ld. P.O. busy in conducting inquest Proceedings

27. 15 Jan 11 à CE-1 closes Pre-Summoning CE.

28. 22 Jan11 à My Counsel Busy at Karkardooma court.

29. 19 Feb 11à Complainant not well.

30. 26 Mar 11 à Arguments Held. Put up for further arguments on 02.04.11

31. 02 Apr 11 à No time to hear arguments because of Heavy cause list.

32. 21 Apr 11 à File untraceable

33. 07 May 11 à File Untraceable

34. 08 Jun 11 à Cognizance on the case. (after 33 hearings and almost 3 years of filling the case)

35. 03 Aug 11 à Bail granted to accused 4-6. Accused no 2-3 not served the notice as yet.

36. 17 Sept 11 à Accused no 2 moves to high court for stay on proceedings. Granted stay without any arguments/ any mention of merits of the case. Issued notice to complainant.

37. 24 Sept .11à Proceedings against Accused no 2 stayed by Hon’ble High Court. Exemption application on behalf of accused no 3 filed and taken on record.

38. I file my reply to petition by accused no 2 in high court.

39. 23 Feb 12 à Accused no 3 moves to High Court in appeal against the summoning order. Till date he has not appeared once in trial court, is not on bail, and has never been arrested despite cognizance being taken. He is also granted stay without any arguments because accused no 3 already has a stay.

40. 05 Mar 12 à Accused no 2 files rejoinder to reply. Put up for further proceedings in high court.

41. 14 Mar 12 à Pleadings complete in High Court in case filed by accused no 2, but given another date because of case filed by accused no 3.

42. 23 May 12 à The advocate of accused no 3 wants more time to file rejoinder. Till date the accused no 3 has not appeared once in trial court. The Judge seeing the conduct of the accused, withdraws the stay and orders proceedings to continue

43. 27 May 12 à Accused no 3 files revision petition in high court

44. 29 May12 à Order dated 27 May 2012 withdrawn. Stay re-granted without going into merits. Date given for 8th October 2012.

45. 7 June 2012- date given in lower court for 23 November 2012. date in high court- 8th October 2012.


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