Response to Satyamev Jayate from Paras Sughand

Gmail mitu khurana <>

(no subject)

Paras Sugandh <> Mon, May 7, 2012 at 1:22 AM
Hello mam,

I know you dont know me as such, but just to tell u, my name is Paras sugandh. I am just another engg. student from pune. Just finished watching the downloaded video ‘SATYAMEV JAYATE’ and was searching your email ID all over the internet. Was lucky to have found it and also was very much eager to talk to you so couldnt wait for the night to get over. the other two ladies are i guess not on the net so….  Still i am not sure whether i got ur real ID or not. AAAAAAAHhhhh…. I am seriously shocked as hell… i am not even getting words what to say to u… i am really very sorry if i am boring u… but i dont know… want to say so much to u…but…aahhh… not getting words…. SO SORRY…..
just this that I AM WITH YOU… DONT WORRY… Everything’s gonna be ok…. I know i wont be able to help u much but still jitna mujh se hoga mein definitely karunga…
And if u do need a good good friend, or just want to share some problems wth me…plz feel free to do so….
Just one favour mam… If possible could u plz reply to this mail just once so that i’ll be sure that i got u… the real Mrs. Mitu Khurana…
Will always pray for u…
Just keep smiling… Ur smile is just awsome… n i mean it…
Eagerly waiting for ur reply…
Ur new friend..

One thought on “Response to Satyamev Jayate from Paras Sughand

  1. Dear Amir Khan.Asslamualaikum..My comments first for 1st episode. In past we used to have Godly Man-Dev, Avtar .etc who express their discomfort to the Problems of Society. They used to brig problems to the Notice of Society. Many suggested solution You are doing the same thing. If possible bring scholars of Society, religious leader on screen and make the talk more interesting Everything is related with Status of Women in society in past and in present.Pl call Dr.Zakir Naik- Muslim Scholar to express his views Where does a lady stands in Various religious books ???
    Same thing can be done with the 2nd episode-Our cultural views towards our this problems. This will make discussion more interesting. This is not entertainment film. we should be trying for a solution. Not only establish fast tract courts but at the root of problem.Also invite swami Sachidanandji of Village Dantali –Gujarat-My suggestion is to Invite Dr.Zakir Naik,Swami Sachidanandji of Village Dantali-Gujarat.Some High philosopher of Christianity, some more on same tract-Mahes Bahtt. .Finally weather You can call or not, all above heroes of our society shoud them self start their own Show-on CD because we are keen to here all these social leader. They may produce their own CD for us and we would love to Buy.Jsut as “””So and so on “Satya mev jaite.”
    This suggestion may be sent to Right place


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