Response to Satyamev Jayate From Ankur Verma

Gmail mitu khurana


Ankur Verma <> Mon, May 7, 2012 at 2:19 PM
Dear Mam,

I am Ankur Verma, residing in Pune. I recently saw your video on Satyamey Jayate & it brought tears to my eyes after listening to the stories there.
With this mail, I want to express my highest regards to you & your daughters. May you & your daughters have a really bright future which could help to change the thinking of all the Indians!!
As of now I am single & my marriage is being planned by my family, but would definitely like to have a daughter in the near future.
I was also searching the contact details of the other ladies who were showed in the Sunday telecast of Satyamev Jayate to at least tell them that you all are really brave from your heart & mind & God Bless You all.
You all are the real heroes of our Indian Society!!
Warm Regards
Ankur Verma


  1. govmnt should take action . all parent of daughter should get monthly

    about 2000 rupees to solve this problems. rs one lac should given to this parents toward her marriage.



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