Save Daughters of India- End this Gendercide



Save Daughters of India- End this Gendercide

This petition is in response to a television show here in the United States about 40 million missing girls in India.We always thought that this happens to the poor and uneducated and not amongst the educated in the India.

When we watched the show we found to our horror that this happens everyday in the cities amongst the privileged. There was an interview with one lone woman Dr.Mitu Khurana. Her doctor husband wanted her to abort her twin daughters just because they were girls.we are ashamed and hence writing this petition. For the last four years this woman has been fighting her case and looking for justice for her baby girls and herself. She says the biggest obstacle to her case are government officials who think she is a trouble maker.
Sir, why has this woman not had her day in court? Why has the country that produced Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Indra Nooyi (CEO of Pepsi) continue to fail women and girls. We Are urging you on humanitarian grounds to  expedite this case. 

If the husband in fact performed an illegal ultrasound to determine the sex of Dr Mitu Khurana’s babies, then he should be punished. Instead of that happening, the courts have given the accused, visitation rights to the girls that he wanted to abort. Sir, how can this happen? Shouldn’t the law err on the side of the children’s welfare and not for a father who never wanted them born?
Can Mitu Khurana ever get a chance to go in front of an UNBIASED judge to have her case heard? Can she ever expect to get swift and fair justice? Can the land of revered goddesses ever treat a woman as equal to a man and thus entitled to unbiased treatment?

Can we ever be proud to call ourselves Indians instead of hanging our heads down in shame and disgust? 
 We the undersigned petition for Justice for daughters of India. 


108 people signed the petition since January 03, 2012

IDFirst NameLast NameCommentsEMAIL ADDRESS

1 Neha Kumar I pledge my support to Mitu
2 Nayantara Pais-Caputi We know will you win your case! Truth is on your side!
3 walter astrada
4 amanda cabot i wish this stops happening
5 patricio realpe
6 Juan Carlos Tomasi
7 pedro acosta
8 Ines Della Valle
9 Ilaria Lazzarini
10 Amaia Lopez de Munain
11 H M-S
12 Inés Mac Mullen
13 André Liohn In respect of gender equality. entiog
14 Carolina Cerneaz
15 alix tully x
16 elsa duhaut
17 Pablo Blazquez She has all my support. That is an very bad and dangerous injustice.
18 Ana Cfrisosto stop it!
19 Lotta Fees
20 Andrew Maclean This is a horrible thing that happens. Please make it stop.
21 Nina Edgington
22 cintia torres
23 carolina zangarini Léase dont!
24 Tim Rice
25 ute benz
26 Ankush Singh FIGHT for your and women’s justice WE are with you.
27 Evan Davis
28 hannelyse hansen
29 barbara raisbeck end female gendercide NOW
30 Stephanie Burgess
31 Isaac Farias
32 Arthur Nazaryan
33 nicola rocco
34 Sibylle Aderhold
35 michele rice I think Kali~might become very upset~unless you honor the Goddess within each of India’s Daughters~Shame on the practice of Gendercide!Perhaps you will put to Death the future Mother of a Great Saint !~or a great Saint herself !Shame on this practice !
36 Margaret Healy Thanks to all the people who have worked hard to bring this situation to light and to fight for human rights.
37 brooke prim
38 Nyna Caputi Dr. Mitu, You have our support and we will do whatever we can to help you get justice.


39 Meg Robertson
40 Jasmine Davda
41 David Smith Hang in there, you’re doing the right thing. Stay strong for your daughters!!
42 Sheela Ram-Prasad What is wrong with humans?! This is not humanity. This woman and her children deserve justice. God watches everyone, these people need to do the right thing, children are innocent lives whether they are male or female! Sex of the child is irrelevant!
43 gabriela carrera
44 Sonal Alvares
45 vijayashree srinivasan
46 margit tschapka i wish to support the pple of india who are trying to stop the murder of baby girls margit.tschapka@hotmail.combrared
47 Jamie Garcia
48 Bhavana Choudhary It’s a shame. All mothers would agree that daughters are the most wonderful blessing. My heart feels for Mitu, justice should be yours.
49 rajender soni advocate
50 Sonia Rebello
51 beaula knauf Shame on the Nation
52 Standaert-Richard Virginie
53 Lyndsey Such
54 Busayo Obisakin This daughers of Zion deserves to live
55 Dr. Rohit Vilas Patole
56 Bani Chaudhuri
57 Svetlana Dimitrovska
58 Imelda Karnati
59 amarjit pannu shame on the officials and daughter killers
60 gabriela carrizales END THIS NOW.!
61 Seema Vaid I support Dr Mitu Khurana to get justice from the Indian judicial system. The gendercide in India has got to stop.
62 Gita Aravamudan Mitu should be supported as she is a brave woman who has actually gone to court to fight this terrible crime which has completely skewed the sex ratio in India. If this issue is not addressed it could have dire consequences long term. Gita Aravamudan
63 Brenda Bush
64 Aniruddha Barapatre
65 Gabriela Navarro esto debe dejar de pasar!
66 Eileen Twinkle
67 Diane Campbell
68 Deepak Arora Wish you luck
69 Hazel Chandler
70 Roli Chauhan
71 Monica Vos
72 Paul Tillson this is awful. I had no idea.
73 melina di fabrizio
74 Danielle Halter
75 yedra vargas
76 Verner Dsouza What the fuck is the indian government doing? Why are there still so many illegal, freely roaming ultra sound techinicians?
78 Mary Bartley Petition signed
79 S.R. Mukherjee It is called a woman’s choice as to what will happen to her body. If she wants to keep her baby then no mother- in -law or husband has a say!!!! Girls are precious and a father who wants to kill his own daughters should go to jail. THAT IS NOT A MAN!!!
80 Martelita Johannessen
81 Manjit Dhillon Stop female child murders in the womb
82 ashish khattar
83 Angela Maltezos
84 ajay shekhawat
85 Carolyn Schultz-Rathbun
86 Lucy S. R. Austen
87 Brock Townsend
88 naomi stojoski This needs to stop! Females are our future to a world where this does not happen and is not excepted. And with out females no babys can be born!!!
89 Heidi Rosen
90 bali sagoo
91 Maxine Small
92 Joy Pylkki
93 Susan McAllister Asking for justice for women
94 Asmi Saxena
95 Smriti Dhingra she is fight for the good cause
96 Rohini Khanna
97 Gaurav Saha al da best…
98 rohit kapoor girl/womens have equal right to live in this world as mens/boys….guys are not special ones who should be given privileged status….i stand for women egalitarian society i support,killing female child is the biggest crime one can do.!!
99 Deepshikha Patra
100 Anshul Pandey

First Name Last Name Comments EMAIL ADDRESS
101 rupali kapoor
102 mahima malik
103 dhruv sisodia
104 Annie Bland I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in a culture and society where men were in control of women, abused women, and with an unjust legal system. This has got to stop. It’s just crazy! I’m so lucky to be an American!!!!
105 Carrie Brayer We need to stand up for those who have died and those who will die if this practice is not stopped!
106 Aimee Hart
107 Vatsal V
108 Karishma Khakhlari This is to prove that only education cannot serve as a guarantee that the Indian man will be free from any prejudice. The least that the government can do is to have this lady’s case heard.

One thought on “Save Daughters of India- End this Gendercide

  1. Maybe it is a good idea to publish a request for a tax on boys. Even if such a tax will not come true, may be the discussion would make clear that it is a purely econimical problem.



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