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Save daughters – Petition Online – India

To  ,
Government of India, Chief Justice of India
This is in reference to the reports of the census 2011 that the sex ratios of India esp. below 6 years of age have fallen drastically. This in itself shows that law against female feticide is not being implemented in India.
According to a report by U.N.I.C.E.F daily 7000 female feticides are occurring in India, which is a matter of immense shame and concern. However it is also a fact that the government is not at all serious in checking the fall in sex ratios.
This can be judged from the various reports –
1. The report of National Inspection and Monitoring committee, which showed how clinics found doing sex determination , were being allowed to function, and no action was being taken against them just because they had a strong political clout.
2. The media reports where it is being accepted that P.C-P.N.D.T act is not at all being implemented in state of Delhi
3. A study by some students of International Institute Of Health Management Research, which showed how blatantly government is letting go of clinics found violating the act.
4. The harassment being meted out to Dr Mitu Khurana, (who is the first complainant under the P.N.D.T act) by the government and the way government is openly shielding the accused in the case despite their being strong evidences of violation of P.C-P.N.D.T act.
This is despite the authoritative Judgment of Honorable Supreme Court of India in C.E.H.A.T & othrs Vs Union of India and also many other judgments under the act being passed from time to time.
It`s high time government accepts the responsibility of its failure to protect millions of daughters, who were killed before birth. It is high time, a strong action is taken against all those responsible for implementing the P.N.D.T act in order to show the world that our Judiciary and government is not supporting the GENOCIDE , rather is serious to check it.
It`s high time, government stops harassing people like Dr Dhahiya, who was the Director of state P.C-P.N.D.T cell in Haryana, and who had to face various atrocities and harassment because he booked several clinics found violating the act. It`s High time, government starts supporting women like Dr Mitu Khurana who try to resist the pressures to abort their daughters and complain against the people who do sex determination.
We the concerned people, condemn the fact that our government is openly shielding the accused under the P.N.D.T act and harassing people trying to fight against female foeticide.

Petition target:
The President Of India, Chief Justice of India

  • 28/12/1114. raju
    I support this petition
  • 8/7/1112. C J (unverified)
    I support this petition as we are NOT God- It must STOP
  • 24/6/111. Save Daughters
    I support this petition. End the Gendercide in India.

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