Why the corrupt have full faith in the courts

Indur K Chhugani,
501-502, Pinky Panorama,
Road, Khar W,
Mumbai 400 052

30th April

Justice Shri. S H Kapadia,
Justice Of India,
The Supreme Court Of India,

SUBJECT: Why the corrupt have full faith in the

Respected Sir,

is a one page self incriminating document, submitted by the Senior Officer of
Punjab National Bank in OA 17 of 2005 with full confidence that the Presiding
Officer (Judge) Mr Vijay Kumar of Debt Recovery Tribunal-1 at Mumbai will ensure
that no action will be taken against the Bank or its officers, though fraud
involved is of Rs 10 crores.

Kindly go through it:

1. Firstly the
Punjab National Bank in 1998 gave a loan of Rs 3.5 crores to a fraud company
Soundcraft Industries Ltd., started by an Ex Bank Officer, against security of a
398 sq. ft flat at 502, Pinky Panorama, Khar W having agreement value of Rs
26.92 lakhs (original agreement with bank) purchased a few months earlier in
1998 itself.

2. Thereafter on 1-2-2003, the Punjab National Bank has
enhanced the loan to Rs 10 crores and have accepted the same flat worth Rs 26.92
lakhs whose title deed was already with the bank, as additional security for the
enhanced loan.

3. Original NOC from Society dated 7-9-1998 is again a
forged record, admitted in open court by bank officers.

4. The company
has disappeared.

5. When this applicant pointed out this fraud to the
Judge Mr Vijay Kumar through Intervening Application 74 of 2010, the Judge
simply laughs it off, stating “It is their own money they have given away not
yours”. What’s more, the Judge is keen to bury this fraud by ensuring that he
kicks this Intervener Applicant out of this case.

6. It is Judges like
this Mr Vijay Kumar, who are responsible for galloping corruption in the country
and increased confidence in the corrupt, that the Judiciary is on our

Yours truly,

Indur K Chhugani Mobile 98201

Copies with covering letters to:

1. The Prime
Minister of India. New Delhi
2. Mr Pranab Mukerjee, Finance Minister,
3. Chairman, DRAT, Mumbai.
4. Chairman, Punjab National Bank.
Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai.
6. Mr Rishiraj Singh, CBI, Mumbai.


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