Believe It Or Not

Believe It Or Not

No action against Bank Officers
of 17 banks for 7 years … Now CBI has assured of action. (After Jana Lokpal

Total amount given frauduently by 17 banks, to a
single company of this fraudster Rajkumar Basantani is Rs 130 crores.

This fraudster had atleast 20 companies, I have details of only one company
Soundcraft Industries Ltd., most of the banks have given Crores WITHOUT ANY

At present I am pursuing the matter with the CBI.

However CBI Officials are dissuading me from filing a
detailed complaint, as they say “First to prosecute the fraudster and Bank
Officials we will need permission from Delhi, which will NOT come easily, even
if permission comes the Judges will let them off and most important, we are
short staffed,
we do not have staff to
pursue such cases of fraud of ONLY Rs 130 crores
.… I K


PNB sanctioned Rs 11.5 crores
against a 398 sq. ft. flat.

Mr Rajkumar Basantani promoter of Soundcraft
Industries Ltd., is an Ex SBI employee, he got various Bank Managers, to give
him Rs 1000 Crores and then he fled from India on 4th April 04…Surprisingly,
he has so good relations with the police, that he continues to communicate with
them, through his original cell no 98200 60781, If any bank manager is in some
trouble, he intervenes and saves him….. He is a white collared

Before he fled from India, he spent Rs 60 lakhs on
renovation of the Mumbai Police Gymkhana at Marine Lines. Sr police officials
regularly visited him at his residence. I was staying in the same building on
2nd floor, he stayed on the 7th floor. He also owned the 5th floor

I got loan from Greater Bank of Rs 30 lacs against
flat 201,202 at Pinky Panorama, Khar. The fraudster received Rs 17.5
crores against flat 501,502 Pinky Panorama, Khar, from 2 banks (PNB &
BOBL) … same size flat, same building….This Greater bank tried all means
legal & illegal to throw me out of the flat, when I defaulted for Rs 19
lacs only
 (though morgaged property was worth Rs 80 lacs) … basically so
that their officers could get a cut from selling my flat … at the same time
even GB had given Rs 5.7 cr to this fraudster, with almost nil

This is the same man, who got me ( Indur
chhugani )
arrested on a false charge, because I bought property, he
left behind…. he left behind Rs 5 Cr worth property only, which the banks
dutifully seized, and were interested in selling to his proxy’s at a very low
While farmers commit suicide, when they are unable to
repay amounts as low as Rs 25,000/-. the bank managers, loot Crores through
their friends .

( This Basantani conveniently surrendered and was released on bail by
the Bombay High Court

In 2002/2003, this man
renovated the Police Gymkhana at Marine Lines, spending Rs 60

How the managers looted the
Banks that employed them:

Punjab National Bank Ltd.

against a flat of 398 sq ft.  gave a loan of Rs 8 crores
(sanctioned Rs 11.5 cr)
(the flat was not on the moon it was
at Khar, 502, Pinky Panorama)
to a company Soundcraft Industries Ltd.,
promoted by Mr Rajkumar Basantani  that has disappeared in thin air.

This flat was valued at Rs 2.04 crores, area shown as
1700 sq. ft. when they gave the loan in 2001. False valuation report provided by
Anmol Sekhri & Associates.
(actual area 398 sq ft and Value Rs 26.9 lakhs)


Have they taken any action against the managers, who
cleared  this loan. NO.
Have they filed any case against the valuer. NO..

Any Shareholder interested in taking the Directors of
PNB  to task,
can get full details from me.

Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Mumbai Police is
aware of all this,
but no action is initiated against bank officials or the

(Corrupt Bank Officials and EOW  believe in

The top management must be making Crores of Rupees
from these kind of deals,
the amount illegally received must be invested
somewhere, in the form of properties, land or jewellery… Let me know, in case
you have any information…. Email

Indian Overseas Bank ,

Similiar is the story of Indian Overseas Bank (fornerly Bharat
Overseas Bank)
this bank has also given a loan of Rs 6 crores against a flat
of 641 sq.ft., 501, Pinky Panorama, Khar.

Flat value shown as Rs 2.04 crores, in 2001. False
valuation report showing area as 1700 sq. ft. again provided by Anmol Sekhri
& Associates.
(actual area 640
sq ft and Value Rs 43.6 lakhs)

No action taken against managers who
sanctioned the loan.

Join in at
Indian Judiciary … Is it
stinking ?

Even the Sessions court and Bombay HC are aware of
the full fraud.

No action initiated against valuer, who provided such
a report.

EOW of Mumbai Police is aware of this transaction
Again brotherly feelings prevail.

Greater Bombay Co-Operative Bank

This bank has advanced Rs 5.7 crores . Security they have taken is
shares worth Rs 25 lakhs .

Bank Of Baroda
This bank has
advanced Rs 5 crores . With nil security.

Bank Of India
This bank has
advanced 5 crores. Security they have taken is a disputed tiny plot worth Rs 12
lakhs at Karjat near Mumbai.

Dena Bank
This bank has advanced
Rs 15 crores. Security they have taken is a Rs 1 crore leased property in New

Andhra Bank
This bank has
advanced 27.5 crores. Security they have taken is a Rs 2 crore office in new

Canara Bank
This bank has
advanced 15 crores. Security they have taken is a disputed tiny plot at Andheri

Bank Of India, Syndicate Bank, Canara
Bank, Vijaya Bank, Punjab Sind Bank, Oriental Bank Of Commerce, Small Industrial
Devevelopment  Bank  and atleast 30 other
banks have
advanced sums between Rs 5 Crores and Rs 27.5 crores to this company, without
any security.
I have details of 17

Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of
the Mumbai Police is aware of all the bank names and names of managers, who gave
such loans, so is the RBI.

An RTI application made to Mumbai police, got
me a reply “Information forwarded to RBI… Contact RBI”

RBI has refused to give me info, in my RTI enquiry “What action is taken against
the Bank Managers” … Stating “Action taken is confidential, info cannot be

Is Mumbai Police supposed to
take action against all the Bank Managers ? Or are they supposed to become their
friend ? So that some share can be received … This is called Bhaichara

PIL will be filed shortly, to force Police /
RBI to initiate action.


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