Sorry India

She sits on the edge of a cliff, and she’s suicidal.

She’s disappointed. With the way things have turned out to be.

And now they say she has schizophrenia. She lives in two worlds.

In one world, she goes to malls, dines at multi-cuisine restaurants and has a home-theatre system. She lives a lavish life, air-conditioned and world-classed—from her home to her car.

They call her The Shining India.

In the other world, she has only one dream every day. To make ends meet. To win the daily struggle for existence, and come back with enough so that she can feed her family.
Ofcourse, unseen and sidelined, she has no name here.

So she lives her life in two different worlds. But we know her case is more complicated.

Both worlds are real.

And she is jaded now. Tired of living like this.

Sixty years.
Sixty years is a long time to have been waiting, she thinks.

It pains her to see herself, to watch the Bad Things always eclipse the few Good Things of her life.

And now she feels that she was truly free only once. About sixty years back. When her sons and daughters unyoked her. When she felt like she was re-born.

Since then, the chains have come back. Slowly, they have appeared around her.
She is fettered by religious bigotry, and ashamed by corruption. She feels used, polluted and plundered by those she loved.


But she still hopes. Because she still loves us, for she knows how much we have loved her too.

Today, as you read this, tell her you are sorry.

But don’t just apologize — tell her you’ll do your part in making it okay.


BBros Creations Presents

in association with
Dynamyc Productions

Vande Mataram – an apology to Mother India

Concept & Music
Rahul Bansode
Ratnadeep Bansode

Vande Mataram
Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Lyrics & Composition
Ratnadeep Bansode

Rahul Bansode
Ratnadeep Bansode

Direction and Editing
Rohit Valecha

Gandhaar Amin

Music Arrangement
Shashank Patekar

Mrs. Meera Nair
Mehek Panjabi

Digital Art
Atul Ghatge

Pratheek Rebala

Website content development
Naman Mody

NGO Partner

Online Marketing and PR
Rohit Valecha

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