what it means to be a Indian Daughter In law- Mr Girendra Singh who lost his daughter

Girendra Singh wrote at 17:06 yesterday
Yes Mitu, it is true that being a women in India means:
1. To face all time harrasments and miseries in throughout life. Kept Quite still you are facing life threats or face cool murder?
2. If you are not educated than your husband and in-laws will let you realize it every time and say you GAWAR, it is 99 per true, might be 1% exceptions.
3. To get the education, your parents needs to be educated otherwise you will go upto Highter Secondary level and i.e. too just to find a groom for you and thatt too be keeping in view of your marriage.
4. If you are lucky enough to get your studies in a City or Metro City, you will be succeed in Education (no doubt), but the journey to get such Higher Education is very very hard and troublesome. You have to go through eve-teasing, ugly comments, mentally tortures, harassments in travelling to get education, you might be a victim, to face kidnapping, NOT-RAPE, if you are a lucky enough, even it will be a negative point to you because you will not find any match of your liking, if succeeded so as the boy also want a earning wife, even in-laws goes with the choice of their SON – it is not sure that the in-laws will accept and co-operate you as a daughter (never), rather A Bahu (i.e. 99% true). And a Bahu means:
(a) You should be full of SANSKARS (means 19th century Sanskars, to be PIOUS to them on every step) a few of them in general — To show the respect to everyone whom your in-laws likes, to keep them happy always, to keep your SARI on Head and No neighbour even should see you in your own house without PALLU (no matter you are service class or educated) to bear every torture and harrassment if you have a NO? to anything of their likings. Be sure that husband will not co-operate infront of his Parents and Family, even from Neighbours too?
(b) To start your day with 4.30 a.m., go on sweeping or washing all house including kitchen, then take bath first without serving even tea to others. Your in-laws are so sacred that they could have the tea at Dhaba or from neighbours house, but would not take the tea untill their BAHU is not taken bath (so sacred).
(c) Be a cook in Rasoi (i.e. Ram Rasoi), without washing and making it clean, no LAXMI MAA will shower on your in-laws family. What soever you are not allowed to ask them to be sit Ideal whole day and till late night, to see the sanskar channels, you will not be allowed it to say to your husband too because this will be a sin if you say anything to your husband which is against his Parents and Family even or put example of any BAHU in your neighbourhood.
(d) After cooking, you are bound to make the breakfast and prepare whole day’s lunch for them all, if you will say that any member of family (even female), will help you — NO, Forgot? because you are a BAHU and it is your moral duty to fulfill every need of grooms family, you cann’t defy yourselves saying you are a working lady, it does not matter for them at all, because they are crorepati’s and have enough money for his SON (still if, he is not working or having no interest in his work, he might sit ideal, can sleep 4 hours a day, can go enjoying with friends, etc. etc.) – Mind It!
(e) If you manages all this before your office time, i.e. o.k. otherwise the in-laws will be against you and your defamation would going to be start. Be Sure? All the neighbours of them will say: yes you are right, our BAHU is not like that, etc. etc.
(f) Bahu has no right to fall ill, after all you are BAHU, you should have decide it before marrying. If goes ill, try to be o.k. within evening or morning, otherwise your parents will receive a call — Hamari Bahu to Roj Bimar Rahati hei. Kya bhai sahab yeh pehle se hi aisi thi? Aapko hamein batan chahiye tha? Bahu to kabhi Rasoi mein jane ki koshish hi nahi karti, aur kabhi khana banati vi hai to bakbas.
(g) Bahu have no right to keep any helping servent, even for a sum of 250-500, (no matter you earns 20,000 a month) otherwise your SAAS will say: Yadi ham aisa karte to Ban gaye hote ye Makan, Kothi, Haveli, Gadi etc. etc.
(h) Bahu have no right to availe outside makeup even after months in any Parlour (to maintain your personality in office), the SAAS will never be happy and will do complaint to your husband: Bahu to bahut paisa barbad karti hei. If you are using washing machine for cleaning cloths – be aware not to use SURF EXCEL…. You are wasting a lot of money, electricity bill goes high in all that, left your other appliances like – Oven etc., never. Your SAAS could say – we never need to have such appliances. YE (your father-in-law) to raat ke 2 baje vi aaye to meine to hamesha Garm Khana banakar diya.
(i) How you dare to sit on front seat with husband in car? While your Sasur is sitting on back seat. She will make recreation and pump shows to show the society, relatives & her friends, she might invite daily even till months, it is your duty to give them all services from breakfast to dinner within time and in PALLU (remember) – after all you are their BAHU, even in the temperature of 45 degree, you put PALLU infront of any outsider or even if your in-laws are within House.
And so on ……….
Now, it is always a duty of BAHU to prove herself a SANSKARI BAHU, you lose your job, your health, your relations, your hobbies, your recreations……. No matter, even you are responsible for all that. They have all right to do so but you not, afterall you are a BAHU. Even they would not allow their SON (husband) to co-operate and help you. They will always support their SON right for every wrong – mind it.
After all, their SON is now a SANSKARI BETA – he can enjoy life according to his wishes, he can have relations with old girl friends, can show them movie too, can do whatever he want to do till it is not in your knowledge. If you caught him red-handed even so what, the boys are like that, GIRLS NOT?
Remember: BAHU’s parents should always send the gifts to them at each and every occasion, it should include — clothes of high standard to each one, to their DAMAD and DAUGHTER’s TOO, it will be praisable if you also send to his daughter’s in-laww too, and even gold jewellery, utpo whole life or atleast every occasion of any function in their relatives TOO. If not? – Kaise MAA BAAP hein TERE, you have to gone through a lot of examples of such ………
Now, it is your TEMPERAMENT and STAMINA to be a BAHU : you succeeded or not, it is your fate and even the fate of your parents too. If you are bold enough to face all that – be ready for any conspiracy against you – could go to the extent to get rid from you upto any LEVEL?
If you goes on complaining to your parents, or to neighbors, or to Police or even to Hon’ble Court of Law to get Justice……. 99% such complaints would become false? Because the Investigating Authorities are so corrupt that they will forgot their duty to get your case investigated in right way?
BE READY for any Mishappening not only to YOU, it might be to your own family too. If you are unlucky to get a Police family – then forget to get any justice till your death and be ready to face consequences up to your Life threat?
So, Mitu never think that the Media and Newspaper’s will go to highlight right and burning issues – it includes the regular crimes against women. The truth is that every hours a bride or girl or women faces death.
AFTER ALL ……. It is true – the crimes are therefore due to being a FEMALE.
Girendra Singh, Delhi, India


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