Why do men do it? Well, not just for sex!

Why do men do it? Well, not just for sex!
Rhythma Kaul rhythma.kaul@hindustantimes.com

Young men from semi-urban villages around Delhi come to the city and get dazzled by the affluence that has not touched their lives. They feel cheated, and want to hit back and make their influence felt. One of the easiest ways to do so is to go out in a group and target a woman.

The rural-urban conflict is at the core of increasing number of rape cases in the city, say mental health experts, as most of the accused are from rural and semi-rural areas in and around the city. “These young men have not benefited from the economic boom unlike the professional classes. So, they feel neglected, frustrated and distressed, which leads to violent crimes like rape,“ said Dr Nimesh G Desai, professor, department of psychiatry at Delhi government’s Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences.

Out of their traditional social environment, young men migrating to the city also caught unprepared for the urban value system, where women are independent and treated as social equals. “What they lack is a balanced, contemporary value system. They think any woman out on the street is an easy prey.“

Women and children become targets of pent up aggression.
“It’s not just about sex. It’s a kind of statement that they are making about being in control,“ said Dr Rajesh Sagar, associate professor of psychiatry at AIIMS.

“Their social background, poor education and orthodox upbringing makes it impossible for them to comprehend that use of force against women a crime. They get a kick out of it.
Also, they think they can get away with it,“ he added.

Some experts, however, insist only a criminal mind can commit a crime as violent as rape.
“Behind every rape there is a criminal bent of mind. A very small percentage of rapes happen on impulse. A normal man will not rape, no matter what the circumstance is,“ said criminal psychologist Rajat Mitra, director, Swanchetan, a society for mental health, who works with the police on rape cases.


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