Painting Competition for Students

Poster Making Competition
According to a survey conducted by United Nations Children Fund (U.N.I.C.E.F), more than 7000 girls are aborted everyday in India , only because they are females. The Pre Conception and Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques Regulation act was passed in 1994, to check the practice of sex determination during pregnancy leading to female feticide. Despite more than 16 years since the act was passed the sex ratios have continued to decline. The Major reason for this decline is the continuation of the practice of female feticide due to strong son preference and the non-implementation of the Act by the Government to a large extent.
A global march was held against the increasing practice of female feticide and decreasing sex ratios in India on 6th and 7th March 2010. Campaign Against Pre Birth Elimination Of Females (C.A.P.F) held this march in Delhi on 5th March 2010, near Jantar Mantar. A painting competition was held in February 2010, in which students of various schools in Delhi participated and came out with their innovative ideas on female feticide .
A march will be again held in March 2011 to protest against the continuing practice of female feticide and the poor implementation of the P.C-P.N.D.T act. This year also, a march in Delhi will be held by Campaign Against Pre Birth Elimination Of Females (C.A.P.F) in participation with Center For Human Progress (C.H.P)
The 2011 edition of the “Poster Making competition for the March Against Female Feticide ” is organized By Campaign Against Pre-Birth Elimination of Females (C.A.P.F) in partnership with Center for Human Progress (C.H.P) and is addressing school and college students below 18 years .
The goal of the competition is to raise awareness amongst the youth regarding the issues of Female Feticide and consequent declining sex ratios and rewarding the talent of the students. The colleges and schools should submit the Posters from their institutions latest by 20th February 2011 to the address of Ms Bijayalakshmi Nanda at D-290, second floor, Sarvogaya Enclave, New Delhi
The entries will be divided according to age groups into following categories –
Less than 6 years old
7-12 years old
13-18 years old
A qualified panel is deputed to reward, the best posters from schools and colleges. Every poster submitted should mention the Name of the Student, Age , Class, Name of School, Mobile no of Parent/ Guardian, Contact no of school and the Topic of the Poster. The Various topics for Poster Making are :
Reasons for Female Feticide
Consequences of Declining Sex Ratios
Stop-Female Feticide.
Youth Against Female Feticide.
Participation to the contest is free of charge and open to students being born after the 1st of January 1993. There is no limit to the number of entries by an individual/ institution. The posters submitted will become the property of C.A.P.F.
A qualified panel will screen and select the best posters by each category. As in all contests, the verdict of the jury shall be considered final. The awards will be given to the posters according to the content of the poster, innovation in thought process and Relevance to the topic. The prizes will be announced on the website—
The prizes will be given on 6th March at the venue of the “Walk for India’s Missing Girls-Delhi” . The Venue and time of the march will be announced on the website— Schools and Colleges are requested to attend the march along with their students and staff, so as to make the youth more aware regarding the serious issue of declining sex ratios and make them realize their role and responsibility in tackling the issue.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely


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