Well, my question is – what kinds of crime are being committed against the girls and who are the criminals? Sadly! In my opinion the very first criminals are the parents and the doctors, who are regarded as the ‘God’ and ‘Next to God’ respectively in our society. Nexus of this duo destroy the girl infanticide in the womb after conducting pre-natal sex determination, which is a crime against humanity and ultimately leads to the declining sex ratio. O mother, we take you as the epitome of love and mercy. Now, if the girl infanticide takes birth, which is physically stronger than a boy child, gradually becomes weaker, because she is given secondary status in her upbringing in the most emotional institution of the world called family. Unfortunately, mother of a girl child carries a sense of inferiority complex; no matter how much highly-educated she or her husband is. Moreover, there in the family, the girl child is burdened with household chores since childhood while a boy child is never asked to do so. Girls are told to eat later knowing the fact that one who eats later eats less. Pathetically, she is neglected when falls ill. If we go through the statistics, we will find that most cases of polio and other diseases are found in girl child. Parents and the society take them as their liability and as a subject very much prone to humiliation and insecurity. Surprising to know that, primarily women mold the fatal trends against the daughters.

 Partiality is practiced even in sharing of opportunities in education among boys and girls. Girls are taken as the ‘creatures confined to kitchen and boundaries of home’. Thanks to the initiatives recently launched by the Govt. of Bihar for girls’ education, which is, definitely playing a very instrumental role in changing the conservative mood of the mass even of far-flung districts.

 Now comes the sensitive issue of girls’ sexual exploitation in form of rape, molestation and others. We all know that the cases of rape and exploitation that we come across are very lesser than the real. Most of rape and exploitation cases gets suppressed by administration and even by family members owing to the reasons of self-proclaimed reasons of societal dignity and repute. And if comes into light, particularly in rural areas, the Gram-Panchayats’ decree are dominated by the masculine.

Girls are given away in marriages without being consulted, ill-treated by husbands and mother in laws, and shunned as outcastes when widowed. What more? The story of agony is endless. To check all these crimes many initiatives launched by the Govt. and agencies, but proved to be of little avail. Authors Amrita Pritam & Sharat Chandra Chatopadhyay had projected the true situation of women in this male dominated world.

Dear Readers, I urge you to work for the attitudinal change of the mass, particularly of the parents and the girls, wherever you are.

Hope a crime free girls’ society.


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