Do Indian marriage laws REALLY favor women?

Do Indian marriage laws REALLY favor women?

Or is this favouritism only on paper?

What about corruption and loopholes in law,esp. when the boy’s parties try to influence the girls’ lawyers,police officers etc so that they don’t support harassed women in court..

secondly,do laws really favour poor/jobless women who can’t afford lawyers’ fees,not to mention delayed court proceedings,regular leaves taken by judges,the rude attitude of police officers when women go there to file complaints against their abusive husbands/inlaws,,adjournments taken by the boy’s party to delay the cases,etc.

then we have idiotic laws where a deserted married woman’s hubby isn’t taken to task when he deserts her & even if he has a second marriage,his “second” wife is also given the status of a “wife” as in case of giving her maintenance and if they have children,they too have the right to his property…..

a woman is already upset that her home is breaking and when she needs legal support to give her justice,she encounters all the above problems….no woman is willing to break her home…..circumstances drive her to the court/police where she is forced to go when tortures she faces become unbearable…

so i doubt that all women get justice in such a pathetic indian judiciary with these unfriendly laws…..

so y do people say”laws only favor women/women misuse the laws”?

they have a harder time taking rounds of courts for years together,besides facing verbal n emotional abuses from their own family members and society who mostly feel that the gal solely is responsible for breaking her home.if she has a child,her trauma doubles,besides the accompanying fear of losing her child in custody battles

added to this is the judiciary’s pathetic state that makes them further depressed n frustrated…..

plz share your views…

Answers (2)

  • Answerer 1 its not that indian marriage laws treat women in a fair or unfair manner but the institution of marriage itself. Marriage is basically a patriarchal institution in which women don’t really have much of a public role to play; unless it is specifically designated to them. Nowadays because women in some families are encouraged to be financially independent it had brought about a positive change to the setup. As you can guess finance and control over financial affairs is the key to equality in any relationship; unless again that equality is designated to you. In spite of this however; women on the average fare much worse than men in marriages. In some states like Andhra Pradesh, the crimes on women dominate in areas related to marriage i.e. dowry and property. In almost all the states women and marriage is automatically equated with the ability to produce a child. It becomes a social stigma for the woman if she can tot produce one. This has to do with the concept Amarige itself. The male being guardian and and the woman being the forbbear errf his progeny. Indian marriage laws have tried to undo some of this by introducing anti dowry laws as well as laws against coercion of women inintermarriagesThese laws don not ‘favor women’ but are legislated in order to see that women have a chance to voice injustices done against them if they are denied a chance to do so in their family. Again, the system ofAmarigeays a role here. After marriage woman lives with her husband’s family and if they are a bad lot; then injustices are often done on the women.

  • Answerer 2
  • This topic has got a lots of points & theories to support….As u hav noticed women were alwayz considered as a less significant creature…. u will find supporting points from all religions as most of them giv women less freedom and more restrictns…..
    Evnthough our constitution says abot equality,v hav differnt rules,ways and customs for marriage accordin to the castes,tribes,religion etc.. This is big problem coz a muslim man is permitted polygamy…and its easy for him in a diverse situatn wher all he has 2 du is say the “Thalaq” three times….U will find similiar things in other religions also….
    the judiaciary is unfriendly with the women in the present India inspite of many movements in women empowering is happenin…He finds it difficult to get judiciary as well as government help wen it comes to her issues….But v can c strong women who are bcomin gr8 examples in the society by denying to marry their grooms hu hav askd more dowry….
    thers only one thing that can really rise women from this level…proper education….
    The situatn is changing as women are bcomin aware of rules and their ryts and recently many bills hav been passd in favor of women…lets hope that soon our society see’s more women lik Chitra frm mahabharatha,Gargi,Sanghamitra,Malli,Lee… Sultana,Jhansi rani,Mirabhai,Sarojini naidu..
    People lik Gandhiji knw that women empowermnt had a gr8 role in free India…


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