Special teams to help check female foeticideSpecial teams to help check female foeticide


Special teams to help check female foeticide


The procedure for checking the ultrasound centres is the responsibility of district officers, who are supposed to send a report of their working to the state officers every month.

Also, the district officers are supposed to register any sex determination case they come across. According to new intervention in this programme, the state will make a special team of officers for visiting different ultrasound centres in the region and cross check the working of district officers.

If any centres is found involved in sex determination tests, the state will take strict action against it. The district officers who are supposed to check the working of these centres will also be answerable to the special team for not informing the state.

Dr Om Raj Goldy, the assistant director of EPI, said, “In a recent conference of civil surgeons, female foeticide was the main the issue of discussion and all officers are working on their level to control it. But the ever decreasing sex ratio has forced us to take some stern steps.”

Goldy added, “Although the working is still the same, a special team will work as an extra hand for district officers. Every ultrasound centre will be visited every three months.”

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