justice only for dowry demanding animals not for victim,

 January 23, 2008 — From: “nitasha bansal”

Subject: complaint

To: paulkk@nic.in,dcp_cd@yahoo.com, dcp_ne@yahoo.co.in, dcp_westdisttdelhi@yahoo.com,dcpdnwest@rediffmail.com, dcpndd@rediffmail.com, dcpsouth2004@yahoo.com, delpol@vsnl.com, jcpt_delhi@vsnl.net, northdp@bol.net.in dcp_t_vip@yahoo.com,

Sir, My name is Nitasha. I married Mr. Vijay Goyal (S/o Sh. Ravi Prakash Gupta and Smt. Mrs.Shakuntala Gupta) on 20/02/2007. I have send my mail earlier as well. On 5th Nov. 2007, I filed a complaint against my husband and in-laws of dowry harassment at Nanak Pura CWC, then my husband and his mother Mrs.Shakuntala Gupta fabricated false cases against my brother Mr. Rajneesh Bansal at the Gandhi Nagar, Police station. My husband showed no way for compromise and I thought it will take time for the matter to be solved so I request the I.O. Poornima Panthari, there to please transfer my case to the Krishna Nagar CWC. During this my in-laws even made false complaint against my parents at Ghaziabad Income Tax and Sales Tax department. My parents pay all the taxes on time otherwise they have planned completely to destroy us. Now that I have registered my case under Domestic Violence Act for which the first hearing was on 03/01/2008, she has again made a false case against my brother and my father as well this time. She makes all this complaints every time I register a case against them. I do not understand this system of our law that a woman (my mother-in-law) who is not present at the time of incident but she always make false complaints against us becoming a victim. Is this the system of our law that only strong is heard and people like us are always suppressed. My husband whose conduct is non-cooperative even at the CWC, when I.O.(Poornima Panthari) scolded him for his behavior, he even lodged a complaint against her at your office. Who ever comes in front seeking justice, has to suffer the way we are suffering.. If every time false complaints will be lodged against us without hearing our side, how would I get justice? All such false complaints will demoralize me. Is it applicable in my case as well that to ask for justice is itself a crime in India? Sometimes, I think that it would have been batter my parents had killed me before my birth because at that time female foeticide was not a crime. I think, I should be given permission to commit suicide rather than being killed every moment. Is this my fault that I was not killed at their home, is it a crime to raise voice against wrong? There is no clause for such woman who alway register false cases against others, get her MLC done and then fabricate false cases. Does every one beat only her? She know that she should apply for the anti-sipatory, after being dismissed for two times, third time she managed to get 5-day notice but when I filed case under domestic violence she and her family did not come. I have come to know that Jt. C.P. Mr. Ajay Kashyap has listened to her and we were send summons without listening to our side. Should we also go for wrong means like my mother-in-law is doing, otherwise no senior officer would listen to us. Does our law want every one to go for wrong ways. Sir, please help us. From Nitasha parhlad kumar aggarawl 00919911099737 victim protest in front of President of India, Prime minister, Chief: All India Congress Committee but did not get any relief. Why should we stop female foeticide, when grown up girls have to face such humiliating situations? justice only for dowry demanding animals not for victim


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