Present: Mr. Yogesh Swroop and Mr. Ranjeet Khatri, Advocates for the  petitioner.
  Mr. Jaideep Malik, APP for the State with Inspector Sudhir Kumar.
   Bail Application No.1107/2010
  When the parties were living together, wife (complainant) was allegedly beaten up by the petitioner (husband), who is an advocate. It is  stated by counsel for the petitioner that the injuries on the person of the wife  as given in MLC were self-inflicted and he can show how such injuries can be  self-inflicted.
  The SHO, Inspector Sudhir Kumar, who is present in court, shall  be informed by the petitioner/applicant before he starts inflicting these kinds  of injuries on himself and the Inspector shall prepare a video of the injuries  so inflicted by the applicant on himself. After inflicting injuries, the SHO  shall take him to the hospital for opinion.
  If the applicant is able to show that these injuries can be self-  inflicted on the same parts of the body as were found on body parts of the wife,  this court shall consider this application for bail on 21st June, 2010.
  A copy of this order be given DASTI.
 Present: Mr. Yogesh Swroop, Advocate for the petitioner.
  Mr. Jaideep Malik, APP for the State.
   Bail Application No.1107/2010
  This application has been moved on behalf of the petitioner for  grant of anticipatory bail.
  On the last date of hearing, the applicant had told the court  that he can show that the injuries on the person of his wife were self-inflicted  injuries by inflicting the same kind of injuries on his own person. Now, he  states that the applicant was afraid that he may incur some infection and the  applicant can otherwise convince the court that these injuries were self-  inflicted.
  The injuries as shown in MLC of the wife do not seem to be self-  inflicted injuries. I do not think it is a case for grant of anticipatory bail.
  The application is dismissed.
  JUNE 21, 2010


Author: savedaughters19

This is a coverage of my struggles to save my daughters.I am thank full to my parents not only for Not killing me ,but also helping me save my daughters... My dream- A big shelter house for women who want to give birth to their daughters and raise them up with dignity and self respect , but have to fight their own families to do so. Will have medical facilities and facilities for legal aid. will have training centers for vocational courses so that they can stand up on their own two feet and stop the dependency on their husbands for finances, A child care center run and managed by the inmates, A kitchen and a vegetable farm run and managed by the inmates. At present only a dream.... But with grace of God will become a reality. God will show the way and means to achieve the dream.

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