Govt not serious about checking female feticide

THE GOVERNMENT is not serious in its claims about fighitng sex determination tests, so claims Dr Mitu Khurana and many other social activists fighting for the cause. “This is genocide, in which millions of daughters are being killed day in and day out and no genocide can take place without the government’s knowledge and active participation,” says Dr Mitu.

Despite filing an RTI, which said that no Form F was filled and her name is not in district records of that time, the officials have not taken action against any of the accused in Dr Mitu Khurana’s case.

“On the other hand, I am being pressurised from all sides to withdraw my complaints and settle the case with my husband,” says Dr Mitu. The law clearly states that any inaccuracy in Form F is taken as a direct evidence of sex determination but here it is apparent that the doctors who did sex determination and the authorities are hand in hand.

“It is more than nine months since my complaint was filed but still I am awaiting any sort of positive response or support from the government. It’s only in big rallies and meetings that it is claimed that sex determination is a crime but nobody is ready to raise voice against it,” she says.

Her husband, Dr Kamal Khurana has stated in his bail application that according to the best of his knowledge, the authorities have given him a clean chit in PNDT case. This, he stated in November 2008 but he got the copy of report of enquiry conducted by the authorities in Jan 2009. So, the question arises, how did he manage to get the details, even before getting a copy of report?

Such questions do point out that there are angles in this case, which need a thorough probe


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