Dr Khurana: First to file a complaint under PCPNDT Act

THE FIGHT to save daughters continues. It is a mother’s fight to save her daughters from harm. Dr Mitu Khurana is the first woman in India to file a complaint under PCPNDT Act which was laid in 1994. There are more than fifty million missing girls in Indian population. After so many daughters missing and 16 years into the enactment of the act to prevent female feticide, one would have expected that the government would be keen that people come forward to report the crime.

The struggles of Dr Khurana show a totally different picture. She has been facing hardships since the day she filed a complaint under PCPNDT Act. It is a matter of fact that the form F was not filled when the ultrasound was done on her. The act very clearly says that any deficiency in filling form F during ultrasound in pregnancy amounts to sex determination, unless contrary is proved by the doctor conducting ultrasound.

It is also a fact, that when Dr Khurana was admitted in the hospital for egg allergy, the gynecologist had ordered only an ultrasound scan of her kidneys, ureter and urinary bladder. The radiologist did the detailed scan of her twin fetuses. In short no gynecologist had ordered a fetal scan. Still the authorities after trying their best to persuade Dr Khurana to withdraw her complaint filed a complaint only against the hospital concerned. The authorities have replied in an Right To Information application that they have not filed any case against the doctor who did the ultrasound.

It is very clearly stated in the handbook on PCPNDT Act released by government of India, that if a woman complains that she has been forced for sex determination, the authorities should file a complaint in court based on her statement. Despite all these proofs, the authority enquiring into Dr Khurana’s case, gave a report that there is no direct/ circumstantial evidence of sex determination in her case.

All these facts just show that the government is trying its best to save guilty so that no more Dr Khurana comes forward to save their daughters.


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