A mother's battle to save her daughters

DR MITU Khurana has filed a case under the Pre-natal Diagnostics Techniques (PNDT) Act against her husband Dr Kamal Khurana, his parents and the hospital concerned, after they fraudulently obtained information about the sex of the babies, which she was carrying and pressurised her to abort the foetuses.

Dr Mitu alleged that when she was in the 16th week of her pregnancy, the doctors at the hospital asked her to undergo a kidney ureter and bladder ultrasound and they got the fetal ultrasound by deception. Subsequently, she was forced to abort her twin daughters. Although, Dr Mithu managed to save her daughters, she is now fighting a lone battle, not only against her husband and in – laws, but also against the hospital.

Dr Mitu then reported the matter to the appropriate authorities, but little was done in the name of investigation. In reply to her complaint, the authorities told her that a raid was conducted at the hospital and no ’Form F’ (which is mandatory to be filled under PNDT Act ) was found.

Furthermore, during the enquiry, it was established that Dr Mitu`s name did not feature in the district report. Neither was the compulsory declaration that no sex determination has been done, was given in the report. Her in-laws and husband have denied having the sex determination done.

Though the PNDT Act was passed in 1994, there are very few cases registered under this Act. No case has been registered based on any women complaining of being forced for sex determination.

The authorities have cited various reasons for the poor outcome, including no witnesses. Families want to abort female child, doctors do it for money. So who is to be blamed?

Dr Mitu even approached the Prime Minister, health minister, women and child minister, Delhi Commission for Women, National Commission for Women (NCW), but ultimately she had to fight the battle on her own. “All I have faced since filing the complaint are threats, pressure to withdraw the case and mental harassment,” she said.

The matter has been filed in court and is pending for hearing.

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