IG's victim had sought 'marriage' as way out

CHANDIGARH: Arvinder Kaur, who alleged that former Haryana IG MS Ahlawat had molested her eight years ago, has said she had wanted a ‘Rakshasa Vivaha’ (marriage with the tormentor) after she was harassed by the tainted policeman.

Kaur had sought permission from Haryana DGP RS Dalal for such a marriage two years ago. This has been admitted by Ahlawat too, though he said it was a ‘Gandharva Vivaha’ that she had sought. This was said in the Yamunanagar district court on Wednesday.

In the letter, a copy of which is with TOI, Arvinder Kaur on March 28, 2008 sought permission for such a marriage with Ahlawat. She also threatened to commit suicide on being denied permission, alleging that Ahlawat harassed her physically and mentally and she had no option left.

‘‘Ahlawat would be responsible for my suicide,’’ she said in the letter. ‘‘Save me from Ahlawat’s torture, who is using his clout as a police officer, by allowing me to marry him. Bless me and give me the right to life. The history of Haryana is replete with women being tortured and harassed by policemen. Ruchika and Shivani (Bhatnagar) did not get justice by opposing such acts of IPS officers. I cannot tolerate it anymore and seek permission to surrender for Rakshas Vivaha,’’ the letter said.

Arvidner Kaur told TOI on Thursday that she had no option but to surrender before the influential cop. ‘‘He and his men had made my life hell. It was not Gandharva Vivah, as you do not need permission for such a marriage,’’ said Kaur, who is a lawyer.


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