Delhi Doctor's Fight To Save Her Twin Girls From Husband

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Posted On: 09-Feb-2010 12:35:56 By: Sushma Dr Mitu Khurana with her twin girls Guddu and PariNew Delhi: Dr Mitu Khurana is frightened. She wants to save her twin girls Guddu and Pari from her husband, who had tried to force her to abort the babies. Now, the husband has sought custody of the girls from the court. Only 15 days remain for the custody hearing about the twins, reports Mid Day.

Dr Mitu Khurana first made headlines two years ago when she filed an FIR under the Pre- Conception and Pre- Natal Diagnostic Techniques ( PC- PNDT) act.

According to her complaint, her husband Dr Kamal Khurana had tricked her into going to the Jaipur Golden Hospital, and made the doctors conduct a fetal ultrasound, which showed that she was pregnant with twin girls.

She was then allegedly forced to abort the babies but refused to do so. After being turned out of her home in March 2008, she filed the case against her husband, her inlaws and the hospital.

As she counts down to the custody hearing on February 20 at the Tis Hazari district court, she can’t help but be worried.

“My children are doing so well. Just yesterday Guddu won a drawing competition.

Both my girls are doing so well at the kindergarten. My family has been my biggest support. But I can’t still help but be afraid. What if the judgment is not in my favour? My girls will be dead the moment they step into that house. My husband never wanted them in the first place,” said Khurana.

She is unemployed after she quit work from a government hospital, alleging harassment from her co- workers and the management.“ I have fought to keep them alive. I will now fight to see them live their lives with dignity,” she said.

The doctor has the support of a Mumbai based NGO WAVE that works for the upliftment of women who are victims of mental and physical torture.

Ashi Dua, partner, Flying Unicorn Entertainment, said that if Khuranas husband gets custody, it would negate everything the doctor has fought against. “

Dr Khurana sought to fight her husband and his parents rather than let them force her into an abortion.

She is also the first woman in Delhi to have filed a case against her husband and his parents under the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PNDT) Act after they fraudulently obtained information about the sex of the babies she was carrying and pressurised her to abort the foetuses.

In October last year , the court upheld her petition and allowed her to keep custody of the twin girls.


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