Petition for Justice

Petitioning New Delhi, India President of India and 1 other
Justice for Dr Mitu Khurana
Against Gendercide


Dr Mitu Khurana is a doctor. Her parents are also doctors and she comes from a respected, educated family. Dr Mitu Khurana has been fighting against the discrimination towards her daughters and harassment towards her by her in laws. Dr Mitu Khurana is perhaps the first woman in India to have filed a complaint under P.N.D.T Act against Her husband, in-laws and others who deceived her into the sex determination test.

Dr Mitu Khurana has been fighting for 8 years now. When Dr Mitu Khurana started her fight, perhaps she thought that there are women friendly laws, and women friendly courts… that our country and judiciary is doing so much to ensure a just society for the discriminated half of the society. Her struggle has been documented by various national and international media and is very much in public domain. Dr Mitu Khurana`s story coverage in media encouraged and will continue to encourage other women to come forward and say no to female feticide and save their daughters.

The amount of evidence which Dr Mitu Khurana had gathered may not be available to many other women who may try to take up the fight…. And still the courts deciding against her based on technical grounds will discourage any woman from coming forward.
The clinic in which sex determination was done belongs to a influential person, who stated in his petition u/s 482 for quashing of the summoning orders that he is the consultant radiologist to the president of India. Hon’ble Supreme court and Delhi High Court are on his panel, he was also the president of Indian Radiological association , He is recipient of the Padam Sri and many more pages of self praise. This is in addition to his own admission in High court that

1. He was running a USG center without registration.
2. A Doctor working in his center did the foetal USG on Dr Mitu, which was never asked for by the gynecologist.

Moreover from records it is confirmed that no consent was taken from her and the mandatory records were neither maintained nor sent to the appropriate authority as required under P.N.D.T Act.

However shockingly when the judgment from high Court came we were shocked to see that

1. All the facts of the case were taken as it is from the petition of the accused persons without even considering any of the submissions given in the reply, written arguments of the Advocate and without even going through the documentary evidences attached.
2. The facts stated in the judgment were factually wrong at many places.
3. The complaint was dismissed on the basis of a 12 day delay in filing the complaint to appropriate authority. The Judge did not even go through Her complaint filed much before the expiry of the limitation period to various authorities including the NCW, DCW, Prime Minister and President of India etc.

Dr Mitu still kept hope and filed a SLP in the Supreme Court. Initially the matter was listed for 16th September 2016 in Court No 6 before Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Prafulla C. Pant. However when the final list came up on 15th September 2016, we were shocked to see that the case had been transferred to Court No.9 before Hon’ble Mr. Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Amitava Roy. In Supreme Court, the SLP was dismissed with one line order – “UPON hearing the counsel the Court made the following ORDER The Special Leave Petitions are dismissed.”

The SLP was dismissed within 5 minutes, without even letting her advocate speak 5 sentences.

Mitu Khurana fought for over 8 years only to set up a good precedence for any mother fighting against female feticide.
All Petitions, Replies, and other documents are uploaded here.
High Court
1) High Court Petition Dr Harsh Mahajan Vs state of NCT of Delhi

Supreme Court
1) SLP-
2) All Annexure for Supreme Court-

The Judiciary has failed not only her and her daughters, but all the born and yet to be born daughters of this country. The history of this country will surely document her fight as the first mother to speak up and take legal action against Doctor, Husband and in laws for forcing her to undergo sex selective abortion. All the judgments and documents which are in Public domain will surely show how the Judiciary let down the daughters of this country and discouraged any mother from coming forward and fighting against female feticide.

This petition will be delivered to:
New Delhi, India
President of India
Supreme Court of India
Chief Justice of India

 To sign the petition please go to


Name State Country Signed On Comment
Against Gendercide India 27/10/2016 I’m a girl, I’m a daughter , I’m a mother. Discrimination is something which is not appreciated in a free nation. Please let the girl child survive in freedom and safety without prejudice.
Kulwant Khurana Australia 27/10/2016 It’s high time this issues needs to be addressed. The system/ governments can’t be hypocritical in their approach. The laws, state and central, should be more transparent. Rather than having loop holes to avoid getting the aledged accused getting away by misusing the provisions in relevant laws the laws need tone stringent to deal with the real issue.
Mitu Khurana DL India 27/10/2016 Please friends need you all. Do sign and share to maximum
Maninder jit India 27/10/2016 I believe that people who are still trying ti show womens inferior, should be strictly punished.
Anindam Basu India 27/10/2016 This is the fight that needs everyone support
Barbara Raisbeck OR United States 27/10/2016 To save the daughters of India, the offenders must be prosecuted.
Shubha Shubha India 27/10/2016 न्याय मांगने वाली स्त्री को हतोउत्साहित न किया जाए।यह एक मिसाल क़ायम करने वाला केस है,डाक्टर नीतू ख़ुराना को न्याय से वंचितोंं न किया जाए।
Deepesh Gupta India 27/10/2016 I am concerned about the foeticide in India and i want this to be stopped asap.
Neeti Tyagi India 27/10/2016 I am signing this petition as I am a daughter and I have a daughter n I feel that no one has the right to kill the daughters. Daughters are the best.
Rajesh Kumar Pandey India 27/10/2016 Consciousness of the Constitution never let you down mitu.
Amitabh Ray India 27/10/2016 i need to protect the girl child
Alok Vajpeyi India 28/10/2016 I am signing this petition to request the Indian President to restore justice to Dr. Meetu Khurana and millions of other girls and women in the country.
Javed Ameer India 28/10/2016 As a proud parent of two beautiful lovely daughters, I feel strongly for this cause.
Rajesh  Singhi India 28/10/2016 Foeticide and all types of gender based discrimination can’t be allowed in today’s India. If Dr Mitu doesn’t get justice it will discourage many other women to fight for their rights. If Supreme Court can’t ensure proper hearing of case and facilitate justice, how will citizens believe in democracy
Shakun Rai India 28/10/2016 There should be no discrimination
deepti deepu India 28/10/2016 Its our legal right to get justice under pndtc act.
Saroj Janetzki Sweden 28/10/2016 For womens right
Renu Gupta India 28/10/2016 Judiciory is shattering people’s faith in justice !
Shaifaly Rustagi India 28/10/2016 I think daughters are the most wonderful blessing after our parents.
We don’t have a right to kill a life  when we cannot create one
Indira Mansingh India 28/10/2016 I fight for women’s choices…and support the unspoken choice of the girl child to live…
Sanjeev  Chandan India 28/10/2016 In support of gender justice
Bhawna Pandey India 28/10/2016 woman should be respected and every single girl child should be brought up without discrimination
Rashmi Bajaj India 28/10/2016 human n gender _justice.Lets create a better ,humane world!
Dr.rupali maheshgauri India 28/10/2016 I am with Dr Mitu who is struggling for girl child  in country where people woship Godess laxmi but kill there own girl child !
jamila  koshy DL India 28/10/2016 ….its puzzling why the supreme court was so quick to dismiss the case. If we are serious about stopping female gendercide/ foeticide, surely we need to ecnourage women to come forward as this woman has done? Hoping we would see a good precedent set.
Bibekananda Basu India 29/10/2016 Dr.Khurana should get justice
Suneetha  Balakrishnan India 29/10/2016 I am a daughter and a proud mother of daughters, one conceived in my womb and the other who is to marry my son. I need my daughters.
sujatha samuel India 29/10/2016 Both male&  female have  equal rights to live & bring glory & honor to the family , society & the nation.
Manasi Mahapatra India 29/10/2016 Every child is special and has a right to live.  A fetus has constitutional right and no one has the right to terminate this right by murder(abortion). Let this society not discriminate against women.
Aruna  Misra India 29/10/2016 I am against female feticide.
Surjit Kaur India 29/10/2016 My niece has almost same case. Is there a way to get in touch with Dr Mithu Khurana
Edwin Russo India 29/10/2016 Justice needed
Evan Davis AZ United States 29/10/2016 Justice has been delayed far too long for Mitu and her daughters!
Juhi Jain India 29/10/2016 Gender based discrimination is a crime against women
Mandala Jaya India 29/10/2016 God wants a just nation
Gift Rojan India 29/10/2016 Injustice at the highest judiciary in our country..
Jennifer Cowan KS United States 29/10/2016 I believe all children deserve the right to live!
Anupa Patel NJ United States 29/10/2016 “Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex.”
Mahatma Gandhi
indu prakash singh AL India 30/10/2016 Not every woman is as brave as Mitu Khurana.

Mitu has seen the worst at all the  levels of the courts, from lower to the highest court of the nation.

It’s WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA who should fully support Mitu. For this is not just her fight. It fight for all the unborn and born daughters of India.

Sign this friends!

BETI Zindabad!

John Amalraj India 30/10/2016 She deserves justice
Nitin N Singh India 30/10/2016 I am signing, because it matters.
sanjay dwivedi India 30/10/2016 Justice should be served.
Shalini NA India 30/10/2016 I’m singing this because i want just equitable and humane society.
Thank you.
Raaj Mondol India 30/10/2016 I support her fight for the rights of daughters in our country to be born and ensured their fundamental right to life. It is a blot on the Indian Judicial system if it doesn’t take into consideration the entire facts related to the case and dismisses the petition on some technical ground.
Arvind Anand India 30/10/2016 We need to curb such unethical practices
Saimyata Bailung MD United States 30/10/2016 .
Juhi Kapoor India 30/10/2016 I totally stand with her against the injustice done to her and her daughters.
Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi India 30/10/2016 How can we leave Dr. Meetu alone in this fight to prevent female foeticide?
Dr. Meetu is not alone.
Rajesh Singh India 30/10/2016 It matters
Snigdha Chakraborty India 30/10/2016 I stand for Justice, Equality and Dignity for all human beings!
HARENDRA Haren India 30/10/2016 just B human…
ivy sharma India 30/10/2016 I strongly feel and support this cause. I am a proud mother of twin daughters with a very supporting family.
Robin Kim IN United States 31/10/2016 baby girls have value and need to be saved!
Romesh Kaul India 31/10/2016 I feel very strongly for the cause and the gross injustice done to Dr Mitu Khurana and her daughters.
That she did not even get as much as a reasonable opportunity to put forth her point, in this country, today, is so deeply pathetic.
I admire her determination and salute the spirit with which she has been carrying on her crusade for the last eight years…..
Steve Weatherbe Canada 31/10/2016 I’m signing this because I’m against abortion for any reason
nisha munshi India 31/10/2016 I strongly feel that inspire of strict laws female feticide continues. Both law enforcement agencies and judiciary get cowed down by big names.
Sarfaraj Maner India 31/10/2016 I support Dr.Mitu in her fight. Save the girl child and respect the women. Sex determination is leading to gender atrocities . Its killing the humanity.
Muthu Thanu India 31/10/2016 We are working against a nature’s balance of sex ratio by not standing strongly against female sex prejudice
bijayalaxmi nanda India 31/10/2016   Gender justice requires a positive interpretation of laws. If we have to win the battle against gender discrimination we have to stand up against sex determination and we have to stand up for Mitu Khurana
RAKESH ASTHANA India 31/10/2016 Indian system has been shockingly loaded in favor of the rich and powerful. Fair and speedy justice is the foundation of a civilized society. Agonising delays and callous attitude of authority need to be addressed on topmost priority. GDP numbers don’t mean anything if India remains a feudal tyranny for common citizens.
Sarah Reid BC Canada 31/10/2016 As a mother and sister to two beautiful Indian GIRLS, it is time for India to cast off its self destructive misogynistic attitudes. Embrace your daughters! Embrace life!
Rajendran P United Arab Emirates 31/10/2016 Dr. Mitu Khurana must get justice and such illegal USG centers to be shut down with legal action against the operators…
ena jain kejriwal India 31/10/2016 We should have a more stable and responsive judicial system for such practices in our society. It’s a shame that we call ourselves educated and we live in worlds largest democracy where a woman is even derived of her basic right to dignity and self respect. SHAME
Anjali Mehta India 31/10/2016 I wonder how long women have to suffer for the basic things….
I value the female sex greatly and wish to see them valued and successful
Divya Balaji CT United States 31/10/2016 I have seen Dr. Mitu fight for justice and many of our hands have been tied as we have reposed our faith in this nations criminal justice system. I hope the Hon. President does consider Dr. Month’s genuine plea and her fight for ensuring that her daughter’s are protected and the perpetrators brought to Justice. Miscreant but powerful elements of the medical profession cannot be allowed to wreak havoc with such impunity, on the long-fought battles of women, to ensure the right to be born. I hope they are brought to book.
Ambreen Siddiqui India 31/10/2016 I stand by her coz The struggle of a single woman parent bringing up twin girls deserves justice. The laws need change if they cannot help the genuine.
Richa Anirudh India 01/11/2016 I have heard her story on my show zindagi live… its been a long struggle for her…may she win!
sanjeev kumar sharma India 01/11/2016 For justice to Dr.Mitu.
yashpal yadav India 01/11/2016 I am against discrimination on the basis of gender.
Sanjay Gupta India 01/11/2016 We want ‘betis’ are not discriminated upon. They are saved and given every opportunity to prosper.
Minakshi Gautam India 01/11/2016 Sex selection and determination both are crimes. It is a punishable offence. Dr Mitu deserves a fair justice. I stand with her in this fight.  Wish you success Mitu.
Deepti Srivastava India 01/11/2016 I am signing because I believe that every person involved in a heinous crime like female foeticide should be punished. They should not be allowed to wriggle out of our legal loopholes.
Ravindran P M India 01/11/2016 I am amoung those who are convinced that more crimes are committed by the judges in India in the name of justice than all other criminals put together!
Nisha Tanwar India 01/11/2016 Every child has a right to take birth wehther it’s a boy or a girl
Vinay Dwivedi India 01/11/2016 Signing for justice
Paul Wilson India 01/11/2016 The country should not permit sex discrimination and determination that’d lead to female foeticide.
Shoeb Khan India 01/11/2016 She must get the justice which is being rare now a days.
Nimesh Khaitan India 01/11/2016 More often than not SLPs are dismissed in SCI by Hon’ble Judges with one word “dismissed” without going through the facts of the case and without perusing/discussing the case which results in miscarriage of justice.
I am myself a witness to such a case where the facts apparent/admitted on the records of the case were also not perused by SCI.
Nitin Tonk India 01/11/2016 I care for daughters of India.
Piyush Dikshit India 01/11/2016 1. I believe PNDTs are unethical and discriminatory.
2. If educated and Elite can behave like this. What do we expect from the rest of the society.
Sudhir Shetty India 01/11/2016 I support her in her fight.
Sastry V TX United States 01/11/2016 What a shameful act by our courts if correct
Swapna Phadke India 02/11/2016 I support this cause and demand justice for Dr. Mitu. This will prove to be a new beginning and a ray of hope for women.
turab kazmi India 02/11/2016 The facts pertaining to the case at hand clarifies that there has been a great mishandling and the justice has not been provided to Dr.  Mitu Khurana.  As a law student,  it is my humble submission that we as budding lawyers have infallible trust on the judiciary and the impartialness of each and every judicial officer of the country.  But,  the perusal of the case at hand signifies the other side of the story,  which nobody in this profession or as a common man,  would like to ever know or go through.  With utmost respect,  i would request to look into the matter in a expeditiously.
Madhu Nangia India 02/11/2016 We have been following the case closely. The outcome of this case will decide weather more women come out against this grave injustice. We request the chief justice to urgently look into the case and give justice to Dr Mitu.
Beverly Hill TX United States 02/11/2016 I founded a nonprofit called the Gendercide Awareness Project,, to raise awareness and action against gendercide (femicide). We lose 3.5 million females annually due to severe discrimination against women. Half of these deaths occur before birth through sex selective abortion. I call upon the President of India and the Supreme Court of India to uphold the laws of India, which are routinely flouted, in this prominent case. Year after year, India runs campaigns like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, none of which will work if the courts don’t uphold the law. Shame on India if this case is tossed about in the courts until the statute of limitations takes effect. The world is watching!
Fnu Shalini AL United States 03/11/2016 I am a mother of a daughter and I wouldn’t accept if someone wanted to kill my unborn child because it was girl.
rashmi singh India 04/11/2016 Because I firmly belief injustice is unacceptable
Devyani Sharma India 04/11/2016 It’s a matter for the constitution to cum up an solve….  just writing on walls n papers n trees n yes television too does not support BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO. ONLY BY BUYING PnG products we cannot do this…. so people working in law wake up n open ur eyes.
Teena Alex MN United States 05/11/2016 I believe in equal rights for all humans
Baisali Chatterjee India 05/11/2016 I’m signing because I am a daughter and O am a mother of a daughter.
Subhamoy Ghosh India 05/11/2016 I Support….
Ashutosh Mishra MN United States 06/11/2016 I am a citizen of India, I too have a daughter and doesn’t want this or any other thing bad, continue to run in the society; which will however someday may haunt my own daughter.
Richa Jyoti Australia 06/11/2016 I know that Mitu Khurana has a genuine case and deserves justice. She represents several women who have not been bold enough to standup against this type of discrimination that we face in our hypocrite society.
Surbhi Gupta Kenya 06/11/2016 Justice delayed is justice denied. You deserve justice mitu
Vaishali Talani India 07/11/2016 I personally know Dr. Mitu from more than five years . Salute to her courage and dedication .  I support Dr Mitu and demand justice for her angels Guddu and Pari.  Her victory in this case would create a milestone  and would encourage   other women to come forward and say no to female feticide . Best Wishes
Sabhya Saini India 08/11/2016 I m signing because girls are important to India and every nation.
Sanjeev Kathuria India 25/11/2016 Strongly belive that high time judiciary learns to deliver
Abhishek Mishra India 30/11/2016 I’ m signing because I want justice to be served, and those rascals must be put behind the bars…or may be shot dead right in the middle of the road.
Sumedha Khadilkar NY United States 15/12/2016 In 21st century, it is sickening that the legal court still supports female infanticide? Killing of femal fetuses is legal? It should be a criminal and non bailable offense.
Veena Watwe TX United States 16/12/2016 It is appalling that in a democracy and developing country like India, this kind of social injustice still prevails and that too in educated society
Smita Dandekar PA United States 16/12/2016 I am a mother of 2 girls. I want my girls to grow up knowing that every child in this world is equally important regardless of their sex, color or family status. I don’t want them to feel “lucky” that their parents were supportive, instead I want them to feel that it’s just normal for parents to be supportive of their kids in their ambitions – whether the child is a girl or boy. I fight for my daughters and am thankful for having wonderful parents and inlaws who supported me in my dreams to become a physician
Huma Ansari NJ United States 17/12/2016 Im signing because it is a woman’s body and anything done to her without her permission is wrong.  Moreover, female foeticide has gone on way too long in India and this could just help start the end to it.
Priyanka Powar India 17/12/2016 We want justice
Anthonette Vincent India 17/12/2016 I love the girl child
Neema Bhat PA United States 17/12/2016 Because I vehemently oppose this mindless and baseless tradition of bias against the female gender. Mom of a little girl myself, I want to create a world with equal rights for her.
Sonal Lokhandwala India 17/12/2016 I belive in this cause
Amee S India 17/12/2016 I am a mother of two daughters.
Rashmi shenoy India 18/12/2016 No women should ever have to go through this horrific and illegal experience. People responsible should receuve strict punishment without too much debate.
Harinder Desai India 18/12/2016 I support Dr mitu khurana
Delia Coutinho India 19/12/2016 I support Dr.mitu
Against Gendercide India 26/12/2016 Thanks for your support
Against Gendercide India 26/12/2016 Thanks for your support
Against Gendercide India 26/12/2016 Yes Rashmi. That’s why it’s important for each one of us to become personally involved and share the petition as much as possible
nandini juneja India 27/12/2016 I support the cause
afnida a India 16/01/2017 I firmly believe that every being has his or her right to live irrespective of the gender
Julie Thekkudan IN India 17/01/2017 This is a gross injustice to all the daughters of this country
ranjan bhattacharjee India 17/01/2017 Because I stand by her cause!
Ishani Banerjee India 17/01/2017 I believe we expect better of our Judges, a better understanding of what gender justice means.
Mukesh Yadav India 17/01/2017 I respect woman’s right
Reema Chatterjee India 18/01/2017 Because I am a daughter, mother and a woman above all.
Ruchi Rastogi India 18/01/2017 I m signing t petition b’cos I m against sex determination
Neelam Singh India 18/01/2017 I feel for it
Rajan Choudhary India 18/01/2017 Rajan choudhary
C. Manoj kumar Rwanda 18/01/2017 I am blessed with 2  daughters
Nikheel Chouridule India 18/01/2017 I support fight against Gendercide….We are together in fight against discrimination…
Bina Namjoshi India 19/01/2017 Daughters are uppermost in my mind. They are beautiful .
Nehal Daga India 19/01/2017 The MURDER of foetuses merely because of their gender is extremely shameful.
Priyank Tyagi India 20/01/2017 I am vehemently against gender discrimination and feel that all practising female feticide which is nothing short of systemic murder should be awarded the death penalty and excommunicated from the doctor faternity
Vaibhav Rastogi India 22/01/2017 I support
Shalini Agrawal India 23/01/2017 I am myself a woman and do not consider myself  less than any man. I am deadly against this practice of female feticide.
Pratibha Pandey India 24/01/2017 It’s really very important for Meetu to get justice.
Ruchi vyas India 24/01/2017 This is a serious problem in our country. Justice needs to be done to discourage such cases
Neelam Nath India 27/01/2017 I am suffering same fate of being a single parent of 3 daughters & it is not easy despite being educated & deserted by husband to beget a son through younger woman helped by science
Prudence Limphaibule CA United States 27/01/2017 Women’s rights are human rights. No man needs a petition to support his right to choose not to have a medical test or procedure. Why shouldn’t a woman have the same freedoms?
Bharti Roy India 28/01/2017 I support the gender freedom….
sapna chhabra TX United States 05/02/2017 Irrational thoughts, ignorant police, silent courts, are we actually developing?
Dr. Mitu, we’re with you, hats off!
vikas behl India 07/02/2017 need justice
Aishwarya Unnikrishnan India 07/02/2017 From a daughter to her mother. The fight is not over.
Dr.Pronoti Sastry India 09/02/2017 I am against female foeticide
Mariam Rauf India 10/02/2017 Female foeticide has gone on long enough. It’s simply one of the saddest practices.
Dr. Manasi Mishra India 01/03/2017 This is a violation of the reproductive rights of a woman. This also cites violation of the PC/PNDT Act.
Ruchika Tuteja India 05/03/2017 I support the cause and mitus consistent efforts for it…
Junkart weekend India 08/03/2017 The laws should be strict!
Sonal Kellogg India 08/03/2017 Female foeticide has to be fought with determination and perseverance. I support Dr Mitu Khurana for her brave step and want  rigorous steps taken to completely stop sex determination tests in India
Dr Avtar Krishan DL India 12/03/2017 I feel that trying different methods to diagnose the sex of the foetus and subsequently getting it aborted is a worst crime.



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